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He died on July 25, 2007 in Santa Rosa, USA.

Mahasti, Iftikhar Dedeh Bala was born on November 16, 1958 in Tehran. The date of his death is July 25, 2007. One of the titles of Mahasti was the lady of the song of flowers or hearts.

Mahasti in Song
Mahasti in Song

She is the sister of Hayedeh, another famous singer.

Mahasti talent was discovered by Parviz Yahaghi, who was Homeyra’s wife for some time. When he was a teenager. In a house, he accidentally hears her voice. He becomes interested in this voice and invites him to collaborate. Mahasti was smaller than Hayedeh. Mahasti entered the professional world earlier than his sister Hayedeh because he was single. An Iranian poet named Mahasti Ganjaei, who is an Iranian poet, was inspired to name himself Mahasti.

Hayedeh and Mahasti went to Akbar Golpayegani music classes together.
Golha No. 420 was the first program in which Mahasti sang a song. The song that took my heart, God, can be considered the changer of Mahasti’s destiny. It was 5 years after Hayedeh was recognized.

Until the day of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Mahasti sang hundreds of songs. The most famous of them, let’s write, are the heart that says sweetheart, the lamp, my heart is narrow, the bed of sorrows, and so on.

Mahasti’s first marriage


In 1346, just when he was 21, he married the head of the bus company. Her husband’s name was Kourosh Nazemian and Sahar, Mahasti’s daughter, who is also famous these days, was born in 1347. Mahasti’s life, but a few years later, with the divorce from Cyrus Nazemian, her husband became bitter and sang sad songs to her: Come home, clown and toy.

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It is said that Mahasti’s first wife falls in love with a famous singer named Firoozeh, and the separation was due to this.

Mahasti, Akbar Golpayegani & Giti pashaei
Mahasti, Akbar Golpayegani & Giti pashaei

Mahasti’s second husband

He remarried before the revolution. Bahram Sanandaji owned a shoe factory, but he eventually left Mahasti. After this separation, Mahasti and his mother and sister and daughter had an apartment in Farmaniyeh, Tehran, where they lived.

Immigration from Iran

Mahasti, Hayedeh and their mother went to London right after the fire and explosion of the Rex Abadan cinema and never returned to Iran. He stayed in London for a year and then went to the United States to release his first music album in the United States in 1979 by Parviz Gharibafshar.

In 2004, Mahasti received the award of the World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media, and an award for 40 years of activity in the field of music with a statue of the Golden Lion.

Mahasti after Hayedeh’s death
The untimely death of Hayedeh, Mahasti’s sister, occurred on December 21, 1989. Death, also known as overdose. One year he did not hold any program and 5 years later he sang a song called “You Come to Me” in memory of Hayedeh.

It was in 1984 that Maryam Heidarzadeh’s poems, composed and composed by Shadmehr Aghili, became popular. Mahasti was then preparing his next album, which died of cancer after 4 years.

Natalie and Natasha are Mahasti’s grandchildren.

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