Mahkum Episode 22 English Subtitle


Barish goes to his brother’s murder scene and suddenly sees him coming towards him and rushing and saying, “I killed you here with my own hands.”

“You can not be me,” says Savash. The prosecutor is coming. It’s finnished!”

At the same time, Firat enters and sees the rain falling on the ground and panting. “See destiny,” he says.

Your life ends where you took your brother’s life. “Tomorrow, your father will reveal your true identity and it will be clear that you will kill your brother!”

Barish, who has surrendered, sits on the ground and remembers a night when he said to Savash, who was dying, “Baba gave you everything.

“Even the woman I loved.” And put his glasses to his eyes.

Boge tells Sasha, who wants to kill the ascetic, to hold his hand and he will solve the problem by talking.

It’s raining because of you, Boge told Zahid. He is devastated enough by the death of his mother.

“She can not stand her father selling her.”

Zahid says: “His right is worse than this.

I was silent because of my family when I found out that he had killed his brother.

“But I can not anymore.”

Haji and Beko Sasha are arrested on the orders of Firat.

Sasha constantly nods at them and wants to make them angry.

Beko wants to attack Sasha who killed his sister, but Haji stops him and tells him to wait for Nazli.

Early in the morning, Firat Barish is taken to court, and in response to his boss asking him what crime he was charged with, he says that he will soon be identified by the witness.

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Zahid arrives in court with his assistant, and the text of his statement is ready: “My son Barish Yasari did not actually commit suicide. “Savash killed his twin brother and identified himself there.”

Boge takes John to court to see his father released for the last time, and asks Firat to allow him to do so.

But after Zahid comes out of the toilet, he tells his assistant to tell his lawyers to withdraw the complaint and release the rain.

When Firat angrily asks Zahid why he did this, Zahid does not say anything but remembers that he came to him in the senior toilet and told him that if he testified against Barish, he would also reveal Zahid’s cooperation with drug cartels and He destroys him and with this threat he stops him from his job.

When Barish is released, he smirks at Firat and says, “I love the look of the theme when it gets like this.”

I do not trust my father. “How did you trust him?”

When Firat Haji and Beko call, they are forced to release Sasha.

The head of Firat goes to him and hands him the file of his friends who escaped from prison with him and says that whenever he hands over these people to the police, he will also trust Firat.

Shab Haji tells the story of finding his uncle’s body in Ibrahim’s car and says that the body was hidden somewhere.

Firat managed to get out of the house to pick up the body by deceiving the officer left by his boss to chase him, but before they arrived, the police found the body.

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At night, Boge tells Barish that his behavior has become very strange and scary, and that John is afraid of his father.

He recalls Barish’s attempt to kill them and says he is ashamed of loving her and asks her to go to a psychiatrist for treatment.

Haji’s uncle’s fingerprints are found on his body and Haji is very upset and restless and tells his friends that now his mother thinks that his son has killed his brother.

Barish goes to a psychiatrist and after telling stories about the pressures he endures, he cries and cries.

The doctor suggests that he stay away for a while.

When Barish says this to Boge, Boge also welcomes him, but asks Barish not to bring anything related to the past with him, not even Sasha. The rain inevitably accepts.

Tomorrow, Afkan (Senior) will go to Zahed Yasari Company and sit behind his desk with contempt for Zahed, and it will be announced in a press interview that the company has been handed over to Afkan.

Tomorrow, Sasha, who thinks that he will go to Los Angeles with Barish and Boge, will go to their house happily, but Boge says that they will leave Turkey without Sasha, and Sasha will leave sadly.

Tomorrow, when it rains to see Sasha, he gives her a plane ticket and says she will come to Los Angeles too, but without informing Boge. Sasha happily hugs the rain.

That night, Yasari Charity organized a party on Mother’s Day, and Barish was surprised to learn that Firat had also participated, but he was relieved that there was no evidence against him.

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But in fact, Firat came there at the request of Zahid to take advantage of the crowds there and find evidence against the rain. Pasha also finds this document and Firat quickly leaves the party.

Haji goes to see his mother at night and tells her that he did not kill his uncle or Ibrahim and he does not know why these calamities befall him. She gives him a bouquet of flowers for her mother and her mother hugs her.

At night, Barish and Boge have packed up and are ready to go.

But shortly before leaving, Firat calls the police at home.

When Barish tells him that he has no evidence against him, Firat confirms and says that evidence has been obtained against Boge. Boge is arrested and it rains for Firat.

When Firat takes Boge to the police station, his boss says that they have also arrested a person, and at the same time, the police bring Haji there handcuffed.

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