Mahkum Episode 23 English Subtitle

“Why did you arrest me in front of my child in the middle of the night?”

Bogue angrily tells Firat in the interrogation room.

“If you do not expose the rain, John will see worse,” says Firat.

He informs Boge that there is evidence of money laundering in the Yasari charity, but Boge denies it.

On the other hand, Haji is silent about his accusations.

Boge’s lawyer tells him it’s better to work with Firat because this is the best thing to do and they have no other choice.

When Firat finds out, he gets angry and threatens his lawyer.

Shortly afterwards, when the lawyer talks to Zahid and says that he is forcing Boge to reveal Barish, Barish hears this and takes the phone from him and tells his father that if Bokeh is not released, he will tear him to pieces.

Firat goes to the hospital to see Boge, and when he sees that he intends to remain silent, he says that he knows that he has forced Barish to go to a psychiatrist, and Boge is taken aback.

“I do not know how you can protect him even though you know what he has done,” says Firat. And he shows the picture of the queen and his wife to Boge and reminds her of the things she has done, and Boge breaks down and cries and asks her to leave.

Rainy night tells Sasha he can get rid of Boge if he surrenders, but Sasha says he will not allow himself to be endangered.

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Sasha goes to Zahid’s lawyer and threatens his life and asks him to tell Zahid what evidence he has against Barish.

The frightened lawyer says that Zahed worked with the prosecutor to catch Boghe.

In the middle of the night, Barish sees his brother in his dreams, who threatens him because he can not do anything for his wife. Barish gets angry and goes to Firat’s house with a gun and targets him while he is holding his daughter, but the senior arrives and stops him from shooting.

Mahkum Episode 23 English Subtitle
Mahkum Episode 23 English Subtitle
Mahkum Episode 23 English Subtitle
Mahkum Episode 23 English Subtitle

Tomorrow, Firat asks his friends to move the car in which Ibrahim Alagoz lost his life and the truck he crashed into to send the police force there and prove Haji’s innocence. After the forensic result, it becomes clear that Haji did not kill his uncle either.

Sasha enters the office in a police uniform, goes to the detention center and threatens Boge with a gun, saying that he has no right to reveal the rain. At the same time, the rain arrives and asks Sasha to leave.

He promises Boge that he will release him.

At the same time, Firat enters there and argues with Barish, and Barish gets angry and says, “Remember how I killed your wife? “You cried like children.” Boge looks at the rain with horror.

Boge tells Firat that he wants to talk to him. In the interrogation room, as soon as he wanted to talk about the rain, the chief prosecutor informed Firat that there was no trace of the cars he was claiming at the address he had given.

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According to Barish and Sasha’s plan, Sasha chased Beko and found the cars and took them out. Firat is angry and Barish looks at him with a grin. Boge is released.

A week later, Haji’s trial is held and Firat proves his innocence, and Haji is released.
Tomorrow, the ascetic tells Barish that he will get stuck sooner or later and begs him to take care of his life.

“I’m dying, but I’ll not let him stay with you,” says Barish. Boge is horrified to hear this.

Firat convinces the chief prosecutor to give permission for the senior’s house to be searched.

Senior is surprised that Firat expects to find evidence of his collaboration with the cartel there, but Firat has actually come there to win the Big Baba case.

The senior tells his assistant that they must destroy the Euphrates.

Barish’s psychiatrist tells him that it is better to look at himself instead of blaming others. Barish loses control and yells at the psychiatrist in a threatening tone.

Boge arrives and the psychiatrist tells him that his wife is worse off than she thinks.

Barish is preparing to leave the country when his brother appears and makes him angry with his words.

Barish shoots at him with a gun, and Boge and John come into the room in panic, and are shocked when they see the sofa in the perforated room.
Boge angrily tells Barish that he will no longer be deceived. The rain is attacking Boge and Boge is terrified.

Barish begs him not to leave and says that when they leave the country, everything will be fine.

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Tomorrow morning, Boge makes an appointment with Firat and leaves the house under the pretext of saying goodbye to his mother. He gives a video to Firat in which Barish, named Savash, confesses to his wrongdoings.

He asks Firat to arrest Barish at the airport for his life.

Sasha goes to see the rain and says he will not come with them because he is tired of hanging them. Barish, who is upset, says he will wait for her until the last moment.

Through his footsteps to Firat, Siniurke realizes that he has hidden the fugitive prisoners in his house and goes to the chief prosecutor and tells him this. While Firat goes to the airport to get rain, the police enter Firat’s house.

Barish, Boge, and Jan are on a plane that Firat stops, telling Barish that he has evidence in which he confessed to his actions in his own language, in addition to an important witness. Barish looks at Boge in disbelief.

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