Mahkum Serial Episode 24 English Subtitles


After the prosecutor arrests Barish at the airport, Sasha makes a video call to him and shows that he is at his house and that Nazli and Bakir are in his arms. Firat is terrified. Boge cries below. Firat is forced to release the rain in front of Nazli and Bakir.

An hour later, Firat is in his car when the Mujahideen hit the glass and point the gun at him, saying, “If you do not kill me, they will kill me.” forgive me.”
On the other hand, before the police caught Firat’s friends in his house, Haji fled them.

Firat wants the Mujahid, who has stopped killing him, to be with the senior as an infiltrator and give him information.

In a press conference after the recent operation, Firat said that Savash Yasari and Sasha were fugitives and threatened them and said that he would catch them. The chief prosecutor, who now understands Firat’s words, says that high-ranking officials have pressed for Barish to be arrested, and Firat says, “The resurrection will take place.”

Senior tells Zahid that if the prosecutor does not drop the case, they will all get into trouble. Zahid says he has no evidence of them, but the senior says, “What if it rains or the bride’s talk?”

Barish and Sasha rob Yasari Bank and everyone is shocked when the report reaches the police. The rain is taking the bank’s customers hostage, and police are on the scene immediately.

Barish asks Firat for an armored vehicle and a police officer, but Firat does not go under.

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Police have cordoned off the bank. Firat asks the commissioner to send him to the bank. At that moment, Boge enters and asks them to send him. Firat is not satisfied but the commissioner agrees. When Boge enters the bank, it rains. “Why did you sell me?” Barish tells Boge. “I did it for you,” says Boge.

They argue that Boge notices a sniper aiming at Barish and shielding himself.

Boge falls to the ground and the rain terrifies him, but the police have already equipped Boge with a bulletproof vest.

Eventually, they are forced to hand over the armored car to Barish, and he escapes with Sasha.

The police are looking for Barish and Sasha, but there is no trace of them. They are fleeing in a caravan in the forest.

When Sasha goes to get his passports and it rains alone, Savash’s illusion comes to him again and humiliates him. Sasha, who saw the police forces when he returned to the forest, goes to Barish to inform him, but when he sees that he is talking to himself, he is terrified.

At night, the senior goes to Boge and Barish, who called Boge at that moment, hears their voice. Senior threatens Boge with his son’s life and says he should not talk to him about the police.

Rainy night goes to the senior’s place and puts the gun on his head and says: “How dare you enter my house and threaten my wife?” “You don’t know anything yet,” says Senior. “Your mother killed your mother.” He explains the evidence to this claim to Barish, and Barish is shocked.

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The senior easily grabs the gun and places it on his head. Barish asks him to shoot, but suddenly the senior is shot and dies.

Rafi shoots the senior’s right hand and makes it rain. When Firat gets there, he gets angry that he could not catch the senior alive.

Tomorrow, Firat will announce in a press conference that Afkan Daghli, the leader of the antiquities and national heritage smuggling gang, has been killed. “Anyone who is involved in this crime and benefits from it will be held accountable for justice,” he said. The ascetic immediately orders the guards to increase his mansion.

Tomorrow, Barish gets on Sasha’s motorcycle after talking about her mother’s death and her son being murdered, and despite Sasha’s warnings, he walks towards his father’s mansion. On the other hand, Zahid is going to the prosecutor’s office to present his statements against Barish, who realizes that he is sitting behind the wheel instead of Barish’s driver and is terrified.

Firat finds Sasha’s place with the rain phone, which he left in Afkan’s mansion.

Sasha surrenders and says, “Now more than anything, I want you to find the rain. “Because he is going to do a terrible job.” When Barish finds out that Zahed has not yet come to the prosecutor’s office, he realizes that Barish has gone to him.

Barish is digging a grave for his father. The ascetic denies the murder of his wife. Savash’s imagination also appears and incites Barish with his words to kill his father. The ascetic rain falls on the pit he dug and dirt falls on him. But Firat arrives just in time and finally catches the rain.

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The rain is transferred to the security organization. Firat is happy with his victory and tells Barish, “I told you this day is coming.”

But at the last moment, Barish calls the prosecutor and says, “I am not Savash Yasari.

“I do not accept any of his crimes.” Firat fits.

Last night, Savash had told him in a dream: “Use me. If Firat catches you, tell him you will see me. “You are crazy and no one can judge you.” “I’m a rainstorm,” Barish says with a smile. He bites the officer next to him and laughs with bloody teeth underneath. Everyone stares at him in horror.

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