Mahmoud Ghorbani’s Feedback to Googoosh Interview in Manoto TV


Hi Ms. Googoosh, I saw your interview today.

And it turned out that all the interviews were pre-arranged and taught you what to say and what not to say.

Was it right to ruin your son in front of so many people looking at you?

Since you say that I did not become a mother for my son and with this card you are ruining your son in the society? This card was not correct and you made it worse. You yourself say that I was active in your fame.

On the one hand, you say that it was wrong and so on. This is not nice.

Where is that bloody existence?

You want to ruin me. All people know what I did for you.

Artists know, from the writer to everyone else, and did you think you could ruin me? Not.

I had a very message to say to those who are so realistic and who are really judging right.

Should my hand be broken and should the person I loved so much respond like this?

And in this way he will answer my child and want to make the Raha Etemadi of the communists happy and to make happy the television that they are all against us and are making such false statements.

Is this your culture, originality and personality?

It was Miami and I was the one who was able to make you famous in the world with all his strength and existence and I made these huge expenses for you. There are still pictures of Kambiz Ghorbani being 3-4 years old with you, and Manoto TV itself shows what happened there, and it is really a shame that such a hotel supports you with its capital, and in the end you want to ruin both me and your child.

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You are a warm mother.

Wow, those were the times when you loved her.

We did not betray you, but you betrayed.

That God is high and that God will see for himself who betrayed and who did not.

A child who has given up his life for his two children and works hard to raise them morning and night.

You opened them.

You are such a mother. Where was your honor and mother? I have always defended you here until now, I called you and you a myth, and whoever fell in love with you fell in love with us, and we supported you.

I do not want to see her crying and upset.

It is very difficult for me too. You are a milkmaid of an Iranian gendarme.

I swear to my faith he was pure and I will not allow you to slander him.

Googoosh does not think: not alone.

He has good grandchildren and sons and I have good memories with him.

I took care of him as far as I could, but unfortunately you got here because of a TV and an abandoned mass communist.

I leave all these judgments to the people.

People have to judge whether your career is right or not. Hoping for good days.

Hello Mr. Ghorbani, I hope you are well.

I was watching my program and yours, which was an interview with Ms. Googoosh.

I used to really like him a lot.

I was heartbroken by what they said about you.

They themselves say what their life was like and you did what and where they got to. But they are talking differently.

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One gets upset.Hello Master, I am Alireza.

I saw Ms. Googoosh’s interview. He praised everyone, but from the beginning to the end, he told you a bad interview and beat you. And he said that my biggest mistake was marrying the victim and he did not see all your love and kindness.

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