Mahmoud Ghorbani’s speech to Homa Sarshar


Hello Ms. Homa Sarshar

You are a famous journalist who immigrated here after the revolution and you know that when a journalist becomes a journalist, he swears and tells the facts and asks the right questions and no one can dictate to him.

You were the one who interviewed Farzan Deljoo when he wrote my book and came out and praised him for his excellent writing. Then you said the writings of the book that you enjoyed.

But unfortunately you also sold yourself. You also sold yourself with all the plans that you worked hard for years and kept your dignity up to this moment. Because of this card, foreigners went and bought you to ask questions and no one can answer and he did not know what to do at all.

Why did you ruin my baby? I wish you were a mother and knew the value of your children and respected your child and guest. You respect the history of our music art. You are a salesman and there is no more.

But know that when a journalist swears, he must stand up to it and face the truth. You have finally won your status and the status of patriots. They are traitors who brought you and me to this day, and you and I are far from home. It’s really embarrassing for you to make such a move and film yourself piece by piece on the writing step by step and show a two-hour show and you played with my dignity and that of my child and my grandchildren. I will not leave you. know this.

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People are judging. they’re talking. You have to get away from this community. You are the filth of society. You do not have the courage to maintain your existence as a journalist and defend your homeland. Go learn from the rest. وطن‌فروش‌ها.

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