Masumlar Apartmanı Episohde 69 English Subtitles

Innocent Apartment


They saw Safia on the garbage and were shocked.

Safia shouts. The captives and the Okshans want to find a solution.

Safia goes out and the savior follows her in the streets.

Golben teases the neighbors, go, you will get sick. You deserve better than this.

Safia and Naji see each other. The savior says Safia, you are not dirty to me.

The savior calls the doctor and asks for help.

Golben and Asat talk about what happened. The captives reassure him.

At Mamdouh’s house, Okshan says that, contrary to what we thought, Safia was the dirtiest person in the building. The doctor goes to Safia and talks to her in the park.

“I know I’m not normal, but they’re trying to get better,” Asat says.

Golben and Shahnour hug each other.

Anil and the captives talk to each other.

Anil says now you are happy and proud of yourself for being right?

Esra complains that Anil makes him feel guilty.

The captive speaks kindly to Anil.

Bayram blames Okshan for his behavior. “I’m not having children,” she says.

Egeh Safia’s weird job made me feel like I had no problem.

Nariman tells Jilan that you are punishing yourself with my brother.

A truck is called to pick up the garbage and take it out.

If we bought herbal medicines for Nariman. He brings her and hugs her.

The apartment was finally emptied of garbage. Safia sees her mother looking at her with a smile.

Safia and Naji go out and shake hands when they return. The savior says I will never leave you alone. Whether we have children or not.

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Asat takes Golben to the child’s room and they start painting that room.

Jilan and Han went to the doctor. Han admits that I only believed him when Jilin said he wanted to have a baby with me. Jilan cries about his attachment to Han and says that this is not a healthy interest.

We were moving forward for 6 months.

One week left until delivery. He wants Safia to be by his side. Safia promises him but tells Naji that he can not do it. The savior says you should not leave him alone.

Safia to get Golben, who is leaving, Golban says I got myself wet, but Safia tells him no. It’s a baby that is coming.Golben is afraid that her child will die because of her mother’s curse. But a baby is born.

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