Mehmooni Serial Part 6 – Iraj Tahmasb – Mohsen Kiaei


The sixth part of the play “Guest” directed by Iraj Tahmasb and produced by Hassan Khodadadi with the presence of Mohsen Kiaei will be released tonight, Thursday, April 2, at 8 pm, exclusively from Namava and Rubika.

He introduced Mohsen Kiai as follows: He sleeps a lot. Once he runs away from his father, he goes under the closet and sleeps for 4-5 hours. He finally wakes up, comes out, and is finally forgiven.

Mohsen Kiai’s Mehmooni Show

He is asleep on the program and the price says that they are sleeping in a swan. But why did these people (Mohsen Kiai) fall asleep?

Mohsen Kiai in entering the party program of the 6th part

Mohsen Kiai explained more about his memory and that he was asleep. He slept for several hours when he did something bad and his father got angry. Without knowing where he is.

After that, Iraj Tahmasb asked Mohsen Kiai to ask himself a question and give an answer. “I’m not very hungry, but I’m enough to get a sandwich,” he said.

Shall I get a sandwich, shall the servant of God take it in the rain?

What can I do? Let me have another salad. Potatoes too. Drink too.

Oh, servant of God, he wants to come here to get a sandwich, a salad, a potato.
You only eat one sandwich from this

I know you only eat his sandwich but …

In the next stage, the challenge was to become two characters with two different voices.

Mohsen Kiayi in Mehmooni TV show by Iraj Tahmasb
Mohsen Kiayi in Mehmooni TV show by Iraj Tahmasb
Iraj Tahmasb & Mohsen Kiyay (Kiaei)
Iraj Tahmasb & Mohsen Kiyay (Kiaei)

Mohsen Kiaei, in Mehmooni Serial

Mohsen Kiai was the one here. The person next to him who did not eat was played by an old man.

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Guest program challenge with Mohsen Kiai:

After that, the 5 word game proceeded according to the schedule. The positive words were:

Sleep, rose (also named after his daughter), sea, music and cherries.

And here are five unpleasant things:

Celebrities, lies, figs and cooked vegetables, hypocrisy.

He went on to say that one of the regrets of my life was why I did not play the instrument.

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