Mehmooni Serial

It has been two years now that Iraj Tahmasab’s table has been spread in these decorations. It was in Nowruz 1400 that its advertisements were released with noise and of course pictures of Iraj Tahmasb’s laughter and his heart melting for his new dolls in the party program 1.

The summary of the story is that a number of conversations with several characters, including Qaime Khanam, the flower seller, Mages, Pasheh, etc., are narrated on the sidelines of a wedding hall.

In the middle of it, serious but emotional stories are narrated and sometimes live music is played.

While Iraj Tahmasab was not allowed to use the red hat and cousin in a product other than the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization, he introduced new dolls to the audience with an almost new team in Filmo and Namava.

بیشتر ببینید:

The first few weeks of the program were very successful. But after that, it became commonplace, and now in the second edition, the criticisms against him have become more intense.
The presenter and prominent face of the party program went into a kind of self-inflicted silence from September 1401, and there was no news of advertising charms on Instagram anymore.

His 6-month silence was not so noticeable until Nowruz this year, because with the start of the second series, it was announced that in the first episode, the critics are going to find peace with his words. With the broadcast of the first episode, however, the fire of criticism of him flared up again. The Mahmouni program used the word “catch” and made a joke by arresting and “caught a wife” and the voices of silent critics were raised on social networks.

Now, on the one hand, Iraj Tahmasb is probably facing platforms that still need his name and order work for him, and on the other hand, a lot of fans of his programs, who love him more than ever.

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