Mentalist Serial

Mental is called magic without rabbits and cloth.

Where the magician takes advantage of issues such as hypothesis, mentalism and psychology and the like. This magician is called a mentalist.

Why does our mind wonder about this issue? Because in Darwinian evolution, we have learned to do things, but we have not yet understood the infinity of space for us, and on the other hand, quantum physics and these issues.

These are the definitions that Saeed Fathi Roshan explains to us with his new reality show in the first program to explain what is going to happen.

He puts puppets in front of our eyes as enemies that have been playing roles for thousands of years.

In each episode, with the presence of people, he performs magic-like performances in the presence of various historical and symbolic elements.

He carried out different washing with the cooperation of the audience and prepared a spectacular program for those interested in metaphysics.

If you want to learn about the experiences of people who are going through these experiences, watching the 30-40 minute short program The Mentalist can entertain you for a while every week and of course keep your mind occupied for days to come.

No one likes a person to sew their lips and mouth with thread and needle, but if they see someone doing this, they will definitely sit and watch them. This is the secret of the success of this series. A series that has mysterious and even unpleasant moments, but may be pleasant for many people to see. Therefore, it is necessary to keep children under 15 away from you while watching it.

The host of this program is Saeed Fathi Roshan, an Iranian magician-manalist.

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