Nato Serial

The new reality show of Mohammadreza Alimardani, a voice actor who shared his voice with Dirin Dirin and then became the host of Mafia Nights. Mafia Nights was a collaboration between him and Saeed Abu Talib.

But now with a new team, he presents NATO. A competition-reality show based on the same mafia game. NATO, like the godfather, is one of the main figures of the mafia.

NATO show-serial has a mysterious detective atmosphere and has managed to attract many fans of this genre. If you like watching other examples and also insist on still seeing them performed by Alimardani, NATO is your TV friend.

NATO is a deductive reasoning game played by familiar faces.

There are several players in the “NATO” reality show. During the competition, they will be asked 10 difficult and sometimes funny questions, and the players must work together to find the correct answer.

. Among these players, one person has the role of “NATO”.

NATO is the one who already knows the answer to all the questions. Apart from the player who plays the role of NATO, no one, even the presenter of the program, knows about the identity of this player.

Watching NATO is not recommended for children under 12 years old.

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