New Face of Shahab Hosseini

Fortunately, pictures of Shahab Hosseini’s presence in the Pikan team’s practice were published in the virtual space, and his new face surprised many users and made jokes in the virtual space.

People’s funny reactions to Shahab Hosseini’s new face

Ramin wrote: Why does Shahab Hosseini look like Mohsen Rezaei?

Mahsa: I think they are their father. Dad, man, you are so handsome, why are you like this now? I pray that the make-up is for filming

Marmar: It looks like the moment Saddam Hussein was arrested

Rahela: Man, come to your senses, you used to be a charming Qabad, why did you become Ahmadinejad

Zee Zee: It seems that he wanted to be like Parsapirozfar, but he turned out to be Saddam

Sami: From the moment he played Heartbroken, we should have known that he was trying to take the place of Syed Javad Hashemi.

Nima: It’s like punching him in his mouth and teeth

Marjan: a combination of Mehran Rajabi + Parsa Firouzfar + Ehsan Alikhani

Amir Hossein: You look more like Captain Hadok

Sonia: It’s like a giant panda

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