Nobate Leili Serial Part 1


Nobate Leili Serial is the first directorial series of Ruhollah Hejazi, which will be replaced by Khatoon after its airing and will be presented in Namava.


The first part of Nabat Leili titled “City of Madhoshan” is the latest product of Namava, produced and directed by Seyyed Ruhollah Hejazi, which will be broadcast exclusively from Namava on 20:00

Duration time of the fist episode of Nobate Leili is 105 minutes.

Nobate Leily - Nobate Leili Official Poster
Nobate Leily – Nobate Leili Official Poster

An enigmatic and romantic story that is to be played weekly every Monday night in Namava instead of Khatoon Serial

starring Mehran Ghafourian, Gohar Kheirandish, Merila Zarei, Amin Sharabaf, Hamid Farkhonejad, Pardis Ahmadieh, Masoud Keramati, Farzin Mohaddes and Saghar Qanat.
Its main actors are Merila Zarei, Hamidreza Farkhonejad, Amin Sharabaf, Gohar Kheirandish and Mehran Ghafourian.

The story of Nobate Leili was written by Mehdi Shirzad and Soroush Chitsaz, along with its director and producer Ruhollah Hejazi.

Ruhollah Hejazi, director of the Serial Nobate Leili.

Watching Nobate Leili  is not suitable for children under 12 years old.

It’s the Nobate Leili, a girl who has experienced horrific events since childhood, to blame everyone for the old curse.

He gains access to a book and realizes through it that both he and his family have lived in many different parallel times and places before.

and now it is his turn.

It is Nobate Leili  to make a new choice by deciphering that mysterious book and finding a valuable painting of her past.

She is going to  give meaning to the lives she has lived.

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Nobate Leili Serial is narrated at different times when, according to rumors, it will be at three time

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