Nobate Leili Serial Part 11


After Homayoun tells Lily that he has committed suicide, he calls Tara and asks his sisters why their mother is dead. Lily cries why she has not been told so far, she says she wanted him not to have a guilty conscience, because she is upset because of the loss of the painting, and Lily asks why she did not feel upset because of the broken marriage and the abandonment of her fiancé and her sisters’ scandal?

Lily picks up a mantle and leaves the house after staring at Homayoun for a while. He cries in the street.

The film begins, Fakher copies Lily’s book and takes it to the woman.

The next day, Lily asks Mina to come to Arash to make perfume with him, because she has walked all over Revolution Street, but the book does not exist and she wants to know the end of it. Lily says she thought they had been cursed and that she tried her best not to miss Lily, but she dragged Logan out of the hotel room and stole the painting. Mina does not want to take the book too seriously, because even if she kills her mother like Lily in the book, there is no giant who commits suicide out of fear, the boys around her should be afraid of her.

Homayoun asks Termeh, did Lily spend last night at Mina’s house? And after he confirms, he says he goes out of town.
Lily in the room in the theater plays the only kahn that Arash enters and gives him the book and says he left it in his office, Lily says he pulled and Arash says he left it on purpose, to go there again, Lily is bored No, and Arash gives him a mobile battery as a gift and instead wants to answer a series of questions, the first is the name of the flower in the book, Lily tells them to go to their house to show him the flower. On the way, Lily asks Arash to ask her questions, Arash says it is related to the book and Lily asks has she seen her life in the book? Arash asks who the ghost is and Lily says his mother, then Arash asks Lily why he thinks he is Lily, he finally kills his mother, Lily gets nervous and says he no longer wants to see her and gets out of the car. Arash is shocked and lights a cigarette.

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Arash goes to Lily’s house with a basket of flowers and is interrogated by his sisters. He introduces himself and Termeh says to leave the basket of flowers with the phone number in the kitchen, because Lily is angry with them and is not home.

Lily sits in front of Birkh and says that she knows the lightning card to the building, dreams about it, Birkh says that the accident is like a storm, it starts from a breeze, then it destroys everything.

Lily’s father is looking for a trace of the person who killed the boy in the gypsy market by the lake, the gypsies are mourning, as if the father of the notorious boy had left after burying him.

Lily is sitting on the spiritual ground, when Tara comes and asks him to come home and explain who Arash is? Lily says that their words were cruel, they broke her heart, Tara says that when you are guilty, the easiest way is to blame someone else, and because she knows she made a mistake, she is there now. Lily wants to know what was going on in her mother’s mind and talking about the book, which Tara says is not related to the book and it is written in the report of the drug abuse death, none of them were to blame and it was their mother’s choicehhh, Lily wants to have a ceremony for her. Invite everyone, Tara agrees.

Homayoun is sitting on the stairs at night, when Lily and Tara arrive. Homayoun wants to talk to Lily, but Lily says that it is better to keep her distance from him, so that he remains silent and the others do not know what he has witnessed, so that the situation becomes more complicated.
Lily goes to the kitchen and Tamna draws her attention to Arash’s flower basket.

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Farshid comes to their house and Lily says that he was abandoned in the accident and he is against it. Tara wants to hear the cashmere professions so that they are not blamed. What doctor? And Farshid says that he had a wife and was not honest with cashmere, Homayoun wants Farshid to talk, Farshid says that he lied about buying a garage and when he had an accident on the way, he decided not to touch the cashmere he loved anymore. , But now he has bought a mechanic and studied to be at the level of their family, he was supposed to come a month and a half later, after offering his master’s degree, but Lily saw them and everything went ahead …

Rifat is sitting upstairs and Homayoun wants to find evidence against Farshid in this month and a half so that they can say no to him. Lily arrives, Homayoun wants to be silent. He does not want to take their time, he goes to his room and researches about ancient Egypt.

Homayoun goes to Lily’s room and asks if he wants to reconcile with her? Lily goes to Homayoun’s room and says she is not angry. Homayoun says that he knows that his last fight with Rouhangiz is for Lily’s sake and Lily wants to say that it was a normal fight between a couple and he loved Rouhangiz. It was his first and last, and Homayoun says he was spiritually loyal, but someone before he died. Lily wants Homayoun to read the book, Homayoun says the book in which the father left his children in trouble is not worth reading, Lily talks about Gypsy and Homayoun eagerly takes the book

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