Nobate Leili Serial Part 2


Before the Nobate Leili Part 2 we know that The pictures of a deer in the role of a carpet show that we see a pregnant woman. He closes his eyes and grabs a broom. Opens the window. Falls to the ground.

We see a girl in a circular image with her eyes closed. The girl says where does life start? For some birthdays, for some it’s an important choice. When they fall in love or realize something they did not know. For some, it seems like nothing is starting. Some by giving. Some people are afraid to start and when it is over, it will end. Some are from their past or their future or what they are now. They are afraid to make mistakes, to take risks, to be loved, not to be loved. Let go. Let go. Forgive or take revenge. Life finally starts from a point. Where we like to call birth and end.

Part 1 Pilot: Madhoshan city

A safe containing dollars and jewelry opens. There is a touch in it. The same woman who was pregnant and fell to the ground. Picks up a notebook with a leather cover and zipper around it. Inside it is a poem.

A girl in a white dress with long hair calls out to her mother, who falls into the same safe. His mother arrives. The girl says that Homayoun’s wedding has started and she should wake up.

Fasan Zan, who fills his lips with water, wishes the drunk to sleep. The poem is recited, which consists of seven military figures.

The mother says that it will be crowded here in 2-3 hours. I want someone not to see this if he wants to take my mom’s gold.

Nobate Leili Serial Episode 2 Recap
Nobate Leili Serial Episode 2 Recap

The father is asleep and snoring. The steady girl sees a carpeted woman who turns upside down and is no more. Mom says do not hate. Do not cry, cry, your face swells, you want to take a photo. Did you tell Mom right? Gives boxes to the girl’s hand. The girl says she has seen Belgium. If he was not himself, how would he know my song? Mom, didn’t you kill him here? ‌ Tara told him. The girl asks, “Was Belgium your sister dead?” His name was Rudabeh. Belghis falls in love with someone who is not suitable or at least not suitable for her father, and her father imprisons her here because it was a gardener’s room.

Nobate Leili Serial part 2
Nobate Leili Serial part 2

The gardener’s daughter also had a rug that was about to start. After 40 days, when they open the room, they see that the carpet is woven, but it is not Belgis. The door was locked from the outside. Babash believed that this carpet was Belgian. He builds his house next to this and says that no one should put their feet here except the crooks or if they do, they should not put them on the carpet.

The man woke up. His name is Homayoun. He says that this wedding story did not happen all at once? ‌ He says that Termeh is still a child and we let him take the entrance exam this year as well. Cashmere, Tara and Tamanna

Nobate Leili Serial part 2
Nobate Leili Serial part 2

In front of the mirror, another room is being decorated by the bride. Tara is also a girl who is at home but is bored. I wish the girl in the room next to him. He wants to go to the cinema. They are all sisters and their wedding was ruined.

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The father tells his daughters that he wants to give a speech at the wedding and see what he has to say. He is lecturing with shorts and a tie that no one pays much attention to. The sound of the course song is also played in the background.

The groom enters. The little girl wants to be with him too. The sound of breaking glass comes. The bride’s mother says the glass will finally die tonight. Broken glass is the same as the special room.

The bride and groom are holding bouquets of flowers.

In the next picture, the sound of Shahyar Ghanbari’s song appears.

They go to the garden and take pictures in the middle of a pleasant plain with the old house that is the palace of the Queen Mother in Chalous.

The girl enters the palace. Butterflies spin around in the air. While the bride and groom a

Merila Zarei in Nobate Leili Serial part 2
Merila Zarei in Nobate Leili Serial part 2

re returning, the sound of the song is supposed to remind us of Mansour.

Then their car hits a tree and the balloons fly. The next image is of the bride and her sister being traumatized and anesthetized. The groom tells the little girl how many fingers there are and wants to test her consciousness. He says that cashmere will wake up in two or three minutes, but when he wakes up, it ‘s not me because cashmere deserves much more than me. This accident was a sign that it had happened before. I am afraid of the third. I have to go.

The party is broken and over. The bride’s father, Homayoun, is smoking and everyone is sick. Homayoun sends the little girl to sleep.

Tomorrow morning, the mother tells the little girl that there is very little tradition for someone who is going to take a new lesson in life. That there is only death that has no choice. But tragedy has two sides like a mirror. This side is absolute black and the other side is that you can see yourself. The same person who has learned today that he is going to put his hand on his knees and knees. Always tell yourself this person will never give up and will stand up to you.

Merila Zarei in Nobate Leili Serial part 2
Merila Zarei in Nobate Leili Serial part 2

Rafat, the mother’s lawyer, Ms. Zoli has decided to sell the villa. “My decision is liberation,” he says. I ignored my grandfather’s will. There was a tragedy in my daughter’s life. The little girl’s name is Lily.

They are north villas. The buyer says that this is going to be a place of comfort and a place for tired people. The woman wants to be able to bring her family here again for a big discount. The man says that you can consider this as your own until the summer.

Rouhi, the wife of the family, is going to go away instead of buying a painting. The man (Homayoun) is heartbroken. He asks why do you want to take the child with you? You want to take Lily with you, leave me forever. Rouhi says because his father is distracted and his sisters are sad. Suggests go to the villa.

The cloud man,  The woman says you did something tonight that I wish I had in Noah’s life. He asks, “Where did you find the money for this sign of the intoxicated city?” The woman says, “Go to the villa with the girls.” Now. We are with you last weekend. When the woman leaves in the morning, she says, “We will come next week.” Go and enjoy the villa. Rifat also goes. The woman emphasizes that you should empty the safe and take it with you.

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Hamid Farrokhneahad in in Nobate Leili Serial part 2
Hamid Farrokhneahad in in Nobate Leili Serial part 2

Lily and her mother Rouhi have gone to see an old house in France. There they look at the paintings and Lily is mischievous. A prince in a wheelchair greets them and greets them. The prince says the cash was for the customer, but I would have preferred to return to Iran. A man has come with a woman as an expert.

The name of the sign is Madhoshan city. The discussion goes back to the genealogy and apparently they have kinship. Approve the effect. The prince wants to talk to the lady alone. Lily is mischievous screaming. He says he was looking at me from there.

The prince tells Karim, his servant, to give the girl he was playing with to the girl.

The prince says you are not aware of the wonders of what you bought.

He says turn on the lighter and they want to paint on it. Painting does not burn. The image is the rest of what we saw in the safe.

There is a legend about it that only a gypsy tribe knows the secret of this paper. This is the way to identify the essence of the rest.

He says, “Put it back on the flame and under the painting center and let it heat up.” The image of a flower appears.

The lawyer, Rouhi and Lily go to the hotel. At the hotel, his mother tells the story of the week. A king who has 7 wives and every night one of them went to tell him a story. One of them is the city of Madhoshan. This painting is inspired by Zoli, meaning my grandfather and you. He did not draw, he made an illustrated master, but he also helped it. One of his pieces is left in front of us and Baba Zoli bequeaths that they will find that one. He says that if someone finds it and fails to paste it, misfortune will befall him. I have known for 2 months who owns that one, but I took his advice to buy it cheaper. I think the problem will be solved now and the girls’s problems because of this. Lily asks do I mean I can be a bride anymore? The woman says that you should be a woman who does not have happiness in you, go for happiness yourself. The girl says I want to be an actress.

The mother has a headache and wants to take a shower. The child is left alone with the mother’s bag. The sound of a dog comes from the hallway and Lily walks out out of curiosity. He enters the cafe, where Rifat is also with a drink in hand. His mother finds him and takes him to the room.

Lily has a bad night’s dream. A good night’s sleep. A woman who has no face.

They returned home tomorrow. Rouhi has gone to the northern family. It is stealthily completing the effect and gluing the two parts together.

He does not tell Homayoun, who comes and follows his grandfather’s painting, that it has been completed and taken. He says I’m going to get it.

It’s raining in the middle of the night. Homayoun wants to eat something he sees in strange pictures of himself with a sticker in his hand. The picture of the tattoo is similar to what was in the hotel. They follow each other. The woman comes and lights a flashlight. He says these are the footprints of their dog Simba.

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During the excursions, a tablet was found in the hand of the cove. The woman grabs it and they go inside. The power goes out. The woman explains the story and that she was paid 10 million euros.

The family is reprimanded, and to prove it true, they decide to show their magic, but the candle burns. The mother suspects she was staying at a hotel in Paris.

In the next picture, we see that Rohi is smoking and Lily brings him a glass that she does not eat. He walks and walks alone without Lily. Lily tests the papers on the fire. The mother returns.

A package has arrived from the postman. The book he did not order has arrived. A book with a red cover.

Rouhi intends to go to Paris.

We find out that the woman had given a shop to the man to sit in. The man says that it was true that I was the groom at home, but they were not a bad father. They argue. The man says that you are a person whose children are present at the door, but the city of intoxication sticks to your family history. The woman says, “If you were in danger of doing what you wanted, do not open my mouth, Homayoun.” There is talk of interest in girls. He dies; do I love you? I did not have. I was not. I was never. A spirit says what do you say? Because unfortunately I have 4 daughters. I tried very hard spiritually. I put up with it so much that I could not satisfy this’s hegemonic complex of sickness in some way. “Do you know what I did for you?” you do not know. I did everything for our girls now. I did not want them to fall in love like me. Homayoun says I do not love you spiritually. When he goes out, Lily is at the door.

In his own privacy, Rouhi begins to read a book brought by the postman.

Lily is upright in the box. His mother gives birth. He says call me whenever you are afraid to come forward.

In the next picture, we see that Lily informs Lily about her mother falling asleep and dying and takes her to her mother’s bedside. The other girls are crying. The book goes into the box.

Lily cries in the closet when her sister finds her. The girl in the safe calls the others and announces that it is not painting. It is said that they left that night in Vali’s safe.

Dad and Lily get in the car to go to the funeral.

We see the mechanism and dance of the gypsies in a meadow that Homayoun. They dance among them, next to long tables and large candles.

Life finally starts from a point. Where we like to call birth and end. When their trust is betrayed. When they lose someone or something dear, they fail. But there are few people who do not have a point in their life that is willing to give everything to get back there.
They say that with each event, a parallel world is born. Maybe not. Baba says you can go to a parallel world. Where one has not made the wrong choice. Who is happy.

The final image is of Lily, grown up, swinging and holding a book.

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