Nobate Leili Serial Part 3


Leily Ittihad is sitting in a hall and lecturing. She says that since her childhood she has always wished to save the world and make everyone happy.

She says that her father always said that to change the world in any way, there are people who They are unhappy, but his mother said that he is special and like himself and can do whatever he wants. Another thing he has to do is complete his mother’s painting.

This painting is about a scene from Bahram’s story. The grave is military and the gypsies of Golbadi say that Bahram Gore wanted to take away the eternal secret that was their art, but they did not accept it and cursed the daughter of the chief of the tribe Bahram so that he could get whatever he wanted to the tail, but in Leily dies. Leili says her father thinks there is a world where anyone can achieve whatever they want. If Bahram Gore is taken to that world, the gypsies will compromise with him and give him endless life.

That is, now that they are talking to each other, in another world, Bahram Gour has been alive for several centuries and he can do whatever he wants and no one can stop him. This means that he must have two To save the world, if only these two worlds existed.

Leili and her friend have tea in a coffee shop in the deserts around Yazd. Leili takes a picture of a flower she saw as a child and asks her friend to tattoo it on her hand? Her friend tells her not to. Because in a few hours they will realize that this is a flower like other flowers.

Leili’s friend goes to pay the bill. Leili sees a light in the desert and sets off. A man comes out of the sand and helps him and takes him to his house. At home, the man sits in front of Leili and gives medicine to her eyes. Leili opens her eyes. The man leaves her He asks what he is doing there. Leili says that he saw a light and followed it. The man says that the light belongs to the cans that he hung to give the carnivores to escape. He wants to blink and be silent so that he can read his eyes. What caused his mother to die? , But his restlessness is that he has believed since that day that there is a supernatural, and if he understands the secret of the flower or the paper, he can bring his mother back. Leili begins to cry and says that she is ready to die to return to that day And prevents his mother from dying. The man asks her not to cry so that she can read her eyes. Yes, one day he will see his mother in the future.

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Some time later, Leili goes to Ardakan village with her friend. They see a picture of a flower that Leili is looking for above every house. An old woman passes by. Leili and her friend run after her and ask where the villagers are. Are they? The woman says that they left the village a long time ago and does not know where they have gone. Leili’s friend asks if anyone knows? The woman says that there is only one person.
Some time later, Leili and her friend go to an old man who is photographing next to an old bridge that is an ancient monument. The old man is a photographer and spends his time photographing people in local clothes next to tourist attractions.

Leili asks him that Does he know where the people of the village have gone? The old man says that they left the village seventy years ago, and the last of them was a girl who went to Bucharest and before she left she loved a boy she could not live with.

He pulled it and gave it to the boy because he thought the boy might forget him. The old man looks for a painting in his bag while talking to Leili.

He takes the painting out of his bag and compares it to Leili’s face She sheds tears. Then she sits down and closes her eyes. Leili, frightened, shakes the old man and realizes that he is dead, then looks at the painting in his hand and sees that it is a picture of his own face.

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Some time later, Leili sits in a room in an inn and looks at a painting that belonged to the old man. Leili’s friend knocks on the door and says that she went to the police station and signed the minutes, the old man had no one and only one life The waiting eyes of the girl he loved, maybe in the end, because his waiting is over. He says that he wants to go out and Leili, no matter how much …

… A blind old woman stands up and asks her to help her kill her husband. The blind old woman in another world was Leili’s mother. The old woman says it’s too hard and it may be too late. The woman says she is ready. He gives his life to end this situation.

The old woman asks who’s turn this time? The woman says that it is her nephew’s turn. She wants to kill her husband. The old woman says that twelve years ago she was doing the same thing that prevented her. The old woman says that she was incapable then, but now she has changed. They have come, there is a book in which their questions are answered and they have to find the book. The woman says that no one has done this for several years and her last person was her mother. He found some and he was able to cross one of the corridors long after his mother. In another world, the name of the place where they came from.

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It is said that Glan is Gilan, and there they call it the deadly sense of absence.

Tasyan, the currents of absence cause the corridors to remain open. There is one in the world who is waiting for her to travel, even if time has destroyed that person, the feeling of loss has not disappeared and the absence of the object is reminiscent of that person. The woman asks what is the name of the book she has to find? He says that the name of the book is Leili’s turn or Nobate Leili.

Bahram Gour’s wife returns to the palace and remembers that the old woman had said that it should not be difficult to find the object, because some of it was arranged by her sister in the palace, but she also needs the nectar of the cosmopolitan.

Roman goes to the valley and finds a tree that bears five fruits only once a year, boils its fruits, and pours five drops of it into a glass of water. Except for the last sip, and with each sip, he loses a little of his life and suffers a pain like death, but if he is strong and holds the object in his hand, he sees the corridor.

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