Nobate Leili Serial Part 4


A girl who looks like Lily, standing like her little sister, asks about the astrolabe. He asks her not to tell anyone about the secrets and that they came from another world.

He takes the boy’s painting from him and thinks in the past that he and the boy lived in the same city and there are two paintings, one of the boy’s hand and one of his hand from each other’s picture.

He says the goal is not to forget. They have made an appointment under the bridge for the next time.

The sister asks why did you leave her? ‌ She says she promised her mother to take care of them.

The little girl asks, “Are you going back?” How are you sure you will become the king’s wife? The girl says this is destiny.

Let’s go to a few years later.

Bahram Gour’s wife looks at the boy’s painting. He takes the astrolabe and drinks the nectar of the world. He goes back to the old days. He sees a girl with an ax in front of him. He tries to take the girl’s hand, which he cuts off his thumb with an ax. He falls on his ax and dies. With blood dripping from his hand, he goes out with that necklace.

In the other world, Lily is in the closet and Tara asks her to end the situation. This has been going on for a week. Tara is not willing to leave him alone and says that Uncle Khosrow is looking for his dissertation and they want to know if he is going to a birthday party or a theater?

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Tara points to a painting with a face resembling Lily and follows her story. Lily gets angry and throws him out.

A man lives in a van. A friend tells him that it is a family that the landlord will soon evict. years. They have sold the shop and the house and given all the money for a mortgage. The question is, why are they miserable if they have a painting in their hands? It has two modes. Either they have it but it is not complete to sell or they do not have it and they take it to the main seller to find out why they killed their father? They are supposed to understand the story by being close to their little girl. If they had their hands, they would kill him.

Lily goes to this role to go to a snow-white birthday party. She goes into the elevator with a man. They make an appointment for the theater. Lily hears a noise at night, goes to the back door and sees a man in a black cape on the roof, who is looking around and holding Golbad’s book. She has no face like Lily’s childhood nightmares. He approaches Lily. Lily looks at him from the ground.

The fortune teller had told him that he saw death closer to him than a jugular vein. Lily thinks about this sentence.

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