Nobate Leili Serial Part 9


Tattooed on a boy’s arm, someone says, “Gypsy is just a tribe to someone who is not in it, but to a gypsy, it is a country, father, mother, child, everything.

That is why when a gypsy child is a father and He loses his mother on the other side of the world, returns and lives as if he had never been orphaned.

Again, there were many people who did not have this mark on their bodies and disappeared, now they are either not Gypsies, or their blood is unclean.

“The Golbadis wanted to take our ink. But they did not know that this ink was in our blood, so they were removed from the earth because of this theft. We stayed and the burden of history is on us.”

Someone is in front of the door and pulls back the curtain, the boy asks him: “My father’s killer?”

“I only know the secrets that are buried here,” he says. The boy asks, “Where is my father’s secret?” He pulls down the curtain.
The movie begins. Fakher tortures someone, someone who spoke to Fakher before the film begins: “Enough.”

Arash arrives and asks the subject, Fakher says:

“He wanted to clean the mark with acid, he also watered it with acid and the scenery is to leave this mortal world and die.” Arash says he was our friend, Fakher says that when he erases his mark, he is no longer one of them.
Arash takes Fakher and their friend to the desert and tries to pour acid in Fakher’s throat, but Fakher begs and says he was wrong.

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Arash then tells the boss by phone that they are digging a pit and burying their friend, and the vulture will not go there either.
Fakher closes the trunk without taking that person out and tells Arash that I thought I was pouring acid in my mouth and spraying it from inside, Arash says I am not an animal like you. Fakher says you were there until you met Lily Ittihad. Arash throws out the phone to give Lily statistics.

They dig a pit and bury the person, Arash says why he did not tell him, he was going to get married. Fakher says because the boss said you are friends with him and you are trying to stop him.

On the way back, they go to an old man who is sitting by the bridge and taking pictures, as if he is waiting for someone from Golbadiyeh, Arash tells him that he has been alone for years, they are gone.

The old man says that loneliness is different from being alone, loneliness is compulsion and loneliness is a choice. He knows he will return, he saw his coming years ago, when he had a reservoir of water. Said our appointment in front of Khoranagh Bridge.

Arash says that today he lost one of his old friends and they are leaving.

Lily comes and stands in front of the old man’s camera.

At Lily’s house, she goes to the union and says that they should find out who gave the book to the inspirer, and the union says to be carefree. He says: “The three pyramids of Egypt in ancient times, which according to Khosrow Dung Gulton, the god of the sun, they could travel in time. “There is.” But relations between Iran and Egypt are not good, so he can not go to Egypt, “Lily said.
Etihad says he wanted to talk about Ruin Dej, Lily says: “Ruin Dej is told in the story of the military Red Dome, the Balkan princess who was Bahram Gour’s wife and lived in the Red Dome.

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She tells the story of the lady of the fence to Bahram Gour. The lady of the fence lived on the roof of the fort and her suitors had to solve her riddle, if they did not solve it they would lose their lives and if they did they would have to find the fort in secret. “Of course, before that he went into a cave and met an old man.”

Homayoun asks, “Where is the place that was not mentioned?” Lily takes him to her room and says that there are several places that are said to be there, most of them are on the border of old Turan. Khiva, Samarkand, Maragheh and wherever there are old castles, there are places where there is no castle but they believe that Rouin Dej is there like a village called Zaman Darreh.
The next morning Homayoun goes to the valley, he enters the ruined houses and looks at the paintings on the walls, then he sees a man outside the house and calls him, but the man does not pay attention. He looks at the tombstones and sees the sign of the Queen of the Sun on it.

The man comes to her and asks does she know the dead?

Homayoun says the sign and the man says Gogal, what do you want to know? Homayoun asks why some people have this sign on their body, the man says that the tomb that stands above his head also has this sign, they are gypsies, they have left here, sometimes they come and bury the dead here.

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He is also a Goryab. Say the person’s name and show him the grave.

Homayoun asks, “Have you heard the name of Rouin Dej?”

The man says that a thousand times, twenty-seven people are buried in this cemetery whose children have disappeared, they thought they had gone to the top of the fort.

He says that he only knows the secret of the people who are there, shows his house to Homayoun and leaves.

Lily is rehearsing in the theater, Arash encourages them and says she saw the play in London and their performance is just as beautiful and elegant, then introduces herself as Lily’s acquaintance and says she is waiting for him outside.

Lily walks out of Arash’s car, Arash gets off and plays with Lily and wants to have coffee with her.

Lily accepts when she sees Omid looking at her from a distance

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