Nobate Leily 10


Homayoun goes to the refrigerator in the middle of the night, spiritually joins him as if he has not slept. Homayoun says that this man did not become another, why does he insist on marrying girls? And he says spiritually because they do not know anything else and in their absence they can not cope.
Lily is saddened by the loss of her mother’s book, saying her mother was not old enough to teach her not to be airborne.
The movie begins. The woman goes to the valley novel, Goryab asks how many times she has come, which dead is she looking for, she says she is not looking for the dead, she is looking for a rose. Goriab says the flowers are all dead. The woman gave an astrolabe to Goryab and Goryab says that it was made by Baba Atard, showed her tomb and says that she made it for a famous painter named Agha Mosour. The woman asks what the astrolabe is doing to the painter, and Goryab answers that he had ordered his wife to be kind, that is, the guardian of Golbadi’s treasure, and that the astrolabe was supposed to help hide the treasure. The woman is looking for a benefactor, Goryab says, “they hide the treasure in a place in their minds where they do not even tell it to anyone in their dreams, and the last of them is the illustrated wife, who disappeared four hundred years ago.”
On the way, the woman asks the man accompanying her, she is not curious to know what Goryab said? And he says that the stories of Mehrban, Ganj Golbadi, Bahram Goor, Rouin Dej are all gone. The woman says she now knows what she is looking for. The man says that the illustrator has destroyed most of his works at the end of his life, which is why his works are scarce and expensive in the market, and he is in great demand. Suddenly the car breaks down. The man in the coffee shop, who seems to see the whole story, sends a Nissan to them.
They go to the coffee shop and the woman sits in front of the man who is in the coffee shop and asks if he is the same person he talked to a few days ago or his picture, the man says we are all pictures but he has made another choice and has become another person, the woman He says I came from another world, the man says I know, I say something, do not blink. You did either of these two things, either you caused the untimely death or you prevented the untimely death. The woman blinks. The woman says that his intention was good and she remembers that she caused a personal death, the man says that if you had not killed her, your daughter would have killed her. You prevented your daughter from being killed. You want to walk before your daughter comes back, because you think she will stop you. Go to Qirvani’s book and do not ruin the work in a hurry, whether your daughter comes or not, you have to finish the work.
The car was made and they started, and the video shows that no one is in the cafe.
Lily picks up her mother’s cards and wants to know where she lost the book, but Lily is in the room. He draws two cards, the first to the groom and the second to the bride.
We go to Lily’s childhood, in the forest, while Homayoun, the groom and the groom’s father are fishing. Rouhangiz wants her daughter to be close to the boy, no matter how boring she is, she does not need to listen to him after a few weeks. Rouhangiz also considers Homayoun not to fish because of the presence of gypsies. Homayoun says that by starting the bazaar, they will earn so much income that there is no need for this marriage.
Lily holds the evil card in her hand, Birokh says that evil is the scariest of all, but now is not the time to be afraid. There is evil in everyone, but at first it is a lifeless sapling, but if it becomes a big tree, it can no longer be upright.
As a child, Lily’s garden was full of butterflies, and Mirshakar says it was the work of a witch, and the horror of fishing was also her fault. Rouhangiz asks Homayoun to see what has happened to the farm, when he sees a painting of Beirokh on the table. He throws it into the fire and realizes it is not burning. Then he tries to tear it down, which again fails.
Lily arranges the cards and says that the answers to the questions must be found in the past, so that you do not know what you were, how do you know who you are? What do you want or are you afraid of?
Mirshakar is beating the worker in the brain, who comes in spiritually and expresses concern, Mirshakar says they get rid of them at night and Rohngiz says that they are not ordinary people, they have a sharp and victorious dagger.
The bazaar goes well, the butcher searches the huts of the gypsies and finally finds the dagger, a boy enters the hut and the butcher puts the dagger in his throat.

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In the morning, Lily’s dog delivers the boy’s corpse in the woods with a Gogal tattoo on his arm.
Arash is reading a book.
Lily is cooking and taking painkillers, Homayoun complains that there is no cure for migraines, Lily says she has a brain aneurysm and will die like her mother. “Lily, Rohangiz, committed suicide,” says Homayoun firmly.
As a child, Lily stood in front of a room and her father said that your mother was asleep and had the best dream in the world, and her sisters were crying in the room around the bed.

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