Ömer Series English Subtitles : Cast, Characters, Subject & Summary

Omar series:

A story of a forbidden love. A love that on one end is a religious child, the son of a mosque magnate and a religious teacher of a school, and on the other end, a girl with a bad history, divorced and with children. In the meantime, a close family relationship connects them. Omar has a less religious sister and a strongly religious brother. Ghamze is facing the society’s gaze on her. As a forbidden person, he travels around the neighborhood and his presence in Omar’s life seems heterogeneous. Misunderstandings lead to marriage for both of them. Soraya is close to Omar and Ardal is close to Ghamzeh and this causes problems again…

Omar: A religious boy, he tries to be more up-to-date. It is involved in social and personal conflicts. On the other hand, his father plays a traditional role that can be understood, and the love of Ghamzah has thrown a lot of salt into him. Now, however, he is on the verge of making a commitment to Soraya. He is a good person and tries to stay good.

Ghamzeh: He has suffered and carries a burden of sorrow. He has many souvenirs from the past that have worn out his soul. His son Tuna is his serious concern and his heart, which is after Omar, and he tries to define Ardal’s presence for himself.

Soraya: A pure and simple girl. Chaste, a lover who is on the verge of marriage. She loves a man who loves another. But Omar’s commitment to him is more than this. It is questioned but comes out proud. But doubt is always with Soraya. The family pressure to interfere in their common life is established and causes problems. Soraya skins in front of them.

بیشتر ببینید:

Tahir: Omar’s traditional brother, who can’t even stand betting on football matches. It’s against the presence of television, or as he calls it, the guilt box, in the home. An unpolished character that has a long way to go to modernize. He is not flexible even in front of his father, who is the imam of the neighborhood mosque. He does not shy away from endangering the privacy of his home and his wife to protect what he thinks is right.

Rashad: A settled man, Friday imam in the mosque and father of the family outside the house. A little stiff and more flexible.

Rashad’s mother
The bride of the family
Nessa’s daughter
Feigen’s parents

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