Ömer Series Episode 12 Recap/English Subtitles (S01E12)

Omar convinced Tuna to marry Ardal with Ghamzeh.

Soraya’s mental doubts disappeared as a result of this work.

Erdal invited Omar and Soraya for a thanksgiving dinner: a new test for Ghamzeh and Omar.

Nyssa tries to get used to her new job at the restaurant.

She is sad about Hakan’s divorce request.

Tahir finally brings Nessa and his children to their home, where the woman of Shukran’s house has her privacy in danger.

بیشتر ببینید:

Amina tries to find her father with Yaman.

He finds himself in a new situation which is a high explosive bomb in their house.

Ghamzeh and Omar are in semi-imposed marriages.

Now Soraya takes a new step towards Omar as if everything is over for Ghamza.

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