Parviz Parastui attaked to Sam Rajabi’s Smartphone in Los Angeles


Parviz parastui, an Iranian actor based in Los Angeles, clashed again today with Sam Rajabi of the Normal Living Campaign in Iran.

Parviz parastui has been criticized by some in the opposition for being close to the Iranian govern

Parviz Parastui
Parviz Parastui


ment, complaining about his presence in the United States.

In the released film, Parviz parastui attacks Sam Rajabi and shoots his camera. In other images, he appears to have been investigated by police.


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1 Comment
  1. Alex Goshtaei says

    Parvis has to be arrested for assault , also he’s related to terrorism and and has to be banned to enter to USA. I’m as a US citizen and tax payer , complain about his presence in US. He has pictures with Soleimani who killed 600 American soldiers in Iraq.

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