Parviz Parastui Explains About Los Angeles & Code Pink


Parviz Parastavi’s explanations about what happened, Pink Code and the protests

Greetings and courtesy to the loved ones who see my face and hear my voice.

I needed to give you an explanation of what happened these two or three days.


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We have been with a film called The Tales of a Thousand and One Days for about two weeks, made by Dr. Vahid Ahmadzadeh, and there is nothing but the discussion of peace. It is fully documented and all the humanitarian and social work that has been done in the last 10 years with this film came to America at the invitation of Code Pink or American peace groups to show this film in different cities. This happened, a good thing happened. Foreigners Americans and The Iranians came and saw.

I was good overall and they reacted well, but in the two houses it really should not have happened. 5-6 people who came to the cinema with their own flags and prevented people from entering the cinema. That is, they asked people not to watch this movie. After all, they are people who can decide for themselves whether to come or not, and when faced with opposition, they started with obscenities, not simple obscenities, with honor prostitutes.

People came with their families. They were committing obscene and insulting prostitutes. They prevented people from entering the cinema.

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We invited them to come and see the movie. They were so loud that they could not hear us.

They claimed that we are the language of 80 million people. I say which 80 million people we come from. You can’t even get up, you come to another city with the same number of flags and the same number of honor prostitutes.

I even asked these loved ones to lower their voices. We sit together and talk. By God, we are patient to talk.

You ask us a question, you ask us for an answer that needs a lot of explanation and I can not answer the test. Maybe I do not need to answer your question and this question at all
I came here for peace. I came with the goal of sitting together and watching a movie that has the message of peace.

A professor from Austria, Ms. Soya from Asia, has been working for many years, and we from the Middle East. A peace triangle has been formed that has a good message that we can show all people that peace is a good thing and war is destructive.

We encounter this scene and even the police are present and listen to my words and in fact condemn them that you have no right to enter and chase from another city and take peace and do not let people go to the cinema. You can not come at all. Why obscenity? Why insults? ‌ Why professions that are not really worthy of a person. You say you live in a kindergarten, for example. In a country where there is freedom of expression, is it just a tone of obscenity and insult to the honor of the people? I do not think that this is pleasant for the dear compatriots who are present.

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