Parviz Parastui Letter to Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran


Greetings to Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei

Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran

About a month ago, I traveled to the United States at the invitation of American peace groups to show a documentary called “Tales of a Thousand and One Days” by Habib Ahmadzadeh, whose message was peace.

The film was shown in several American cities, and thank God we met with good reactions from people, both Americans and dear Iranians.

It should be noted that in only two screenings, we were confronted with 8 people wearing shorts and banners and eating rations, who with obscenities and slogans prevented people from coming to see the film, which did not work.

It even caused me to get into an argument with one of them, who was a doping champion of judo and a displaced person in the United States, and the work was taken to the police, and the aftershock is not over yet, and the work has been brought to Congress as to why They have issued a visa, it still does not matter.

And I am still full of programs in all the media of Anwar Abi, and I am constantly insulted, blamed and lied to, for example, I am an effective member of the Quds Force, and again, it does not matter.

Because, according to Haj Kazem, the glass agency

I have made a covenant with my God and I stand by everything

I am not connected to any organ

Not my government

Not an army

But I am proud to be an Iranian

My artist

A free thinker

The mission of my 55 years of activity in the world of art has been and is and will be to serve the people.

Watch:   Canım Annem Series, Season 1, Episode 49 (S01E49) English Subtitles #2

Now my main width is:

I accept all the insults and obscenities and insults from those who falsely claim to be the defenders of the people, but my main point is, I believe that our country has a good fortune.

We are not poor

We do not have

We are a rich country, even if we remain under sanctions forever

The greatest wealth of this country is the people who have always been patient and resilient, and have never turned their backs on the government and the governments that came and went and are.

Now it is not permissible for a teacher to give the slogan “I have no welfare” instead of being on the streets at school

It is psychic for people to eat tear gas and shoot in the streets out of poverty

People do not have money

They can not afford chicken, pasta and oil

Their tables are empty

They are ashamed of their wives and children

The place of the people is next to the family, not the prison, also because of the lack of livelihood

I swear by the pure blood of the martyrs

I swear to the calluses of the veterans

I swear to the pure hearts of the people

I am ready to be hanged in the big square of the city

But the honorable people of Iran should have prosperity

People are heartbroken

I ask you

Sign the decree of the welfare of the nation with the blood of my servantt

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