Pedar Guardiola Serial

It was said that this series will be broadcast on Filmnet, but now the rumors say that the new platform will be the provider of it: Tamshakhooneh.

A popular series that has been talked about for a long time, but there is still no reliable news about its release date.

It narrates the story of a family whose relationship is changed by an accident and fate sets a different path for it.

The series has prominent actors, each of whom can keep the audience waiting for them.

Directed by Saeed Nematollah, with a background in Tehran, under the feet of his mother and brother, it is enough to open a special account on it. But if you know that Mehran Madiri, Hamid Farrokhnazad and Arash Adel Parvar (the same Arash AP famous in the music world) are among its actors, the news importance of the series and the curiosity of its viewers will increase.

The astronomical salaries of Guardiola’s father have regularly made headlines over the past year. Unconfirmed rumors say that 50 billion tomans will be spent on it, of which 5.5 billion are the shares of Mehran Moderi. This news has not been confirmed.

But in the same unconfirmed news, the salary of Arash Adel Parvar is estimated at 2 billion tomans.

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Arash Adl Parvar is the musical partner of the group known as Arash and Masih. They started their activity in 2013 and finally managed to hold their first authorized concert in 2015.

The assumed and rumored salary for Hamid Farrokhnejad is also mentioned as 4 billion.

It was said that Fatemeh Motamedarya will also be present in it, but this matter was denied after the rumors were published.

Due to the presence of a singer among the actors, many compare this series with the island (starring Makanband singer Amir Magareh) and the professional series (starring singer Sirvan and Zaniar Khosravi), but there is more hope for it than those two series. have.

Other possible actors include Alireza Khamse, Maryam Bobani, Marjane Golchin, Mehdi Soltani, Narges Mohammadi, Ali Oji, Hengemeh Ghaziani, Amirmehdi Joleh, Nasim Adabi, Siamak Safari, Sara Khooiniha, Mohammadreza Alimardani, Paryosh Tehresi, Elna Heydari, and Janan. Nematoolah pointed out.

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