Pezeshke Dehkadeh Serial (Kasaba Doktoru) Part 1


In the first episode of The  Pezeshke Dehkadeh, (Kasaba Doktoru ), Omar’s father died at Gumushuk Private Hospital, where he was injured. Omar blames the hospital for the death and tries to hold himself responsible. Master Hakan’s life changes in time.

Omer comes to the hospital, where he lost his father years later in a white robe. While trying to find Hakan Hoja, who changed his life, Omer tries to find himself in the hospital, which houses the country’s most famous doctors and surgeons.

Especially that Dr. Leila shines like a star among these successful doctors with her intelligence, courage and brilliant hands. Omar, who had never reconciled with Leila in the first days, can not get out of the shadow of Leila’s presence as the days go by. But Leila disappears, she can not know him at all.

Five years after losing his patient in surgery, Omer finds himself in the private hospital of Uluçınar, a city hospital far from Istanbul, trying to find a place in the surgical ward of Gümüşok Private Hospital.

. Trying to get rid of the hospital, Omar’s path intersects with Hakan Hoja.

We start the footnote of the first part of the Pezeshke Dehkadeh series with excerpts from this part at the same time as it airs. This content will be updated gradually over the next week and by any means. The download link will be inserted in the same way.

Well, did you empty your greed?
Did you vent your anger? I’m with you.
I do not know
But you can hold a stone and attack the hospital, but … but at this time, the parents of another child came to the hospital and could not take care of him because of Reto, and because of this, another person lost his life.

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Broken glass can be repaired. But here is the hospital. Hospital. The people you see here are trying hard to save people, but what did you do to stop them?

How many patients die because of people like you who attack the hospital angrily? U know?

Of course you do not know. Do this in your mind, lion man. Pouring out your anger on others does not mean taking revenge. Break whatever you want, bother people as much as you like. That anger is with you now. Think about it. A brotherly advice from me.
How can you get rid of this anger with science and knowledge? The better the bad psychic card, the better you can help people. Heal your anger with your toil, but for this you must have the courage to argue. In any case, you have to do the right thing. Now tell me, do you have the courage to do all this?

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