Podcast #2 : Khosoof Serial Part 26



In episode 26 of the series Eclipse, we saw that Amir wants to continue his relationship with Atieh and goes to the cinema with him.

Atieh is informed about the story of the house and the lands of the north, and Alireza tells him the story, and on the other hand, the role of Atieh’s brother, Arman, is completely revealed to him. But the new future is more complex than bringing these things to anyone. He thinks of his exciting and vengeful plans.

Samin is tempted by Atieh to steal 1 billion tomans from him for a theft in Razi’s house. He and his friend Farzaneh have to go and get the promissory notes out of his house.

Mehrab, the lover of his profession, has lost his mind and is constantly asking for a future. On the other hand, Reyhaneh and Roozbeh have found a more intimate relationship and Roozbeh seems determined to solve Reyhaneh’s addiction problem.

All this aside, Razi seems ready to take dangerous action against Alireza. And well, Atieh plays with everyone and collects evidence. Some of them with the support of Alireza and some based on personal revenge intelligence. And of course, Amir is gradually becoming aware of the role of Alireza.

Watch:   Khosoof Serial Part 26
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