Podcast #3 : Khosoof Serial Part 27


The 27th episode of the Khosoof series will bring important events. Therefore, social media users make many speculations, some of which do not fit well with logic, and among them, in the absence of an official teaser, we tried to review the most logical scenario together:


We see that first of all, Samira’s offer of one billion tempts Farzaneh and Samin, and this greed drives them home, but they do not know what challenge awaits them.

Farzaneh and Samin realize upon arrival that the checks and promissory notes are not found, and inevitably their hands are on the skin, and their story is revealed due to Razi’s cleverness.

Samin, who goes to Samira, gets into a fight and Razi arrives and shows the theft film, and now it is Samira’s turn to be threatened by Razi.

Samira, who sees everything lost, tries to blame Alireza. Samin also deals with him and now they are taking revenge on Alireza. How about They sew a slipper for him.

Now, Alireza’s identity documents are making a power of attorney to show that he is a thief by accounting for Mehrab Company. At the same time, a photo of Amir and Atieh is published and Mehrab is embarrassed and decides to marry him. But Atieh says I can not marry you secretly and we must inform everyone.

Now the goal is for Amir and Mehrab to face each other. The future, however, has its eyes on Mehrab’s wealth? What do you think?

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