Poolad Kimiaei Warns Manoto TV, Googoosh & Homa Sarshar


poolad kimiai threatened Manoto TV and gave them a month.

poolad kimiai went to his mother’s grave on the anniversary of her mother Giti Pashaei from Tehran, who died of cancer 27 years ago.

He said that my mother passed away in the worst conditions in the world.

Excuse me for being a singer and musician and being famous.

It all starts here and it all ends here and maybe it will start again. All I know is that I have to learn from a child, from the age of 10, to give him my dearest thing in the world and to learn not to be afraid of death, because the truth may be bitter, but it is the truth.

He said he did not want to open too many things he could open after 27 years. But we are in an age where everything has to be opened. Man is and has been a justice seeker.

I, who was 17 years old, stood here and saw the smiling face of my mother being placed here. And smiles.

Polad Kimiaei says that if anyone is a sinner, he should kneel before God and universal justice, and he can not turn away from the truth.

To bring someone who is in harmony, to bring someone to say and go, right? How did a woman suffer? I was there.

He considers himself a victim and says with hatred that the actions of his parents and what happened were not in my hands. I had no choice in being born. People pay for other things, some pay for wrong things, some are guilty.

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Kambiz, whose name is on it, Kambiz, the victim who is the victim.

He said things about me and my father that I did not like. Kambiz is a good kid. Suffered. I ask Ms. Homa Sarshar and you and me to protect my right to defense. On behalf of Giti Pashaei to reveal the facts and what happened to me during these 8 years and the stepmothers I saw and why I came back and why we came back and why. And whether we stole money from Googoosh concerts, I will answer what happened to us. A little patience. I want this to happen in a neutral place, not on a neutral television, and without any censorship, and Ms. Homa Sarshar in the middle of my speech not to change it.

I will give a month and another month I will talk to another TV. My father must also be held accountable, and ugly things have been said against him.

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