Pooste Shir Serial

Police, mystery and family series. A story about a girl named Sahil (played by Pardis Ahmadiyya) whose father comes to her after 15 years in prison.

In the meantime, they are ambushed by events that offer us an interesting series for 3 seasons of 8 episodes (total of 24 episodes).
The director-producer of the series is the Mahmoudi brothers (Navid and Jamshid), who are both from Afghanistan. We have seen the movies “Several Cubic Meters of Love” and “Seven and Half” and “Deldar” and “Shayeban” series before them.

Poast Shir series benefits from good actors, but more importantly, the presence of each actor in one of their best situations. Although Hadi Hejazifar and Shahab Hosseini have been seen a lot these days, we can still emphasize their role in this series.

Panthea Bahram is one of its prominent actors in the role of Sahil’s mother, who maintains her quality until the end of the series.

The name of Poast Shir series was chosen based on a song with Abi’s voice and Iraj Jannati Atai’s lyrics. Its broadcast started on 30 September 1401 and ended at the beginning of May this year. Ali Kamali in the role of Reza Parvaneh together with Zhila Shahi in the role of Mozhgan have portrayed one of the most beautiful loves of these years in home cinema.

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Mojtabi Pirzadeh’s role as Mansour, a mysterious killer, has less examples in domestic cinema, and even its policeman, Captain Rasool Foladvand, is very non-stereotypically played by Behzad Khalaj.

In the final episode, the series aroused a lot of curiosity that we can only say that it meets your expectations not completely, but with a good score.

One of the side effects of the series was playing it with the original version of the nostalgic music of Lion Skin (one in the middle of the series and the other at the end of the series), which was said to have been audited after a few days of the final part!

Other related news was the presence of Panthea Bahram in a controversial dress at the closing ceremony, which was held on the eve of this year’s Atr al-Fitr, and after that caused the temporary closure of the cinema that organized the event, Lotus Cinema, and resumed its activities with an implicit apology from that center. .

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