Rahayam Kon Serial Part 11

The images in which Aroops is in the middle of the cold. A burning happiness. It snows.

Artificial images. It’s true that he dreams, but even with the style of the whole series, he doesn’t want to and it’s not as clean as it is.

The legend had described it to Bahram before. It was not new. Only this time he was burning himself instead of the groom who had a problem.

The series begins.

Hatem asks Maral to stay. He says that I am attached to life by two threads. One is my son and one is yours.

He tells Maral that Hatef is in love with her. Maral asks who do you think it was my fault?

As Bahram starts eating the day after the wedding, it is hard to guess what Sam wants to give him.

This issue will be solved according to the legend itself. He says that I put poison in some of them so that when you wake up you can’t rinse your mouth. You will be paralyzed but you will not die to be comfortable. If I poured in all of it, you would be relieved.

I want you to die and live every time after this.

Bahram starts eating. He says I grew up on the bluff. You are not like that. you can’t kill Some people can, but not you. Afsana says yes, I have the courage, but maybe one day I did it. Bahram says I am fine, I won’t let you spoil my mood tonight.

It is my royal night. Everyone was looking at me. I was a waiter in Siyaroud.

The crowd that kicked me out of their tables with a tipa was dying of envy today. You do not understand these things.

Because you haven’t heard anything thinner than a flower since you were a child. I didn’t see it tonight either.

It was worth it.

Maral went to Hatef and explained the situation to him. Hatef continued to express his love to Maral and finally asked Maral: Do you really love him? Maral said yes. I should have said this earlier. But it did not work out.

بیشتر ببینید:

Afsah and Bahram hit the street with their wedding car.

Legend says that we will not visit my mother’s land. Turn around.

Let’s go to the cafe. Hatem and Maral go behind them.

It comes from Maral, did you give him the necklace? Maral says no.

It didn’t happen. Solved. He said he will go. Hatem, don’t be hard. He said he will go, he will leave.

I wish I did everything from the beginning.

he said Maral gives the necklace to Hatem and says take it yourself and return it to him.

Afsana says to Bahram, do you think they will keep their word. They don’t want to be on your head.

After the marriage, Hatem took the birth certificate to cancel it a few days later.

That’s why he took him to the cemetery to tell Bahram that all those who asked to eat his wedding cake tonight are going to eat his death cake. Bahram, take your life and go.

Legend gives the possibility of pregnancy from a cabaret singer.

Hatem goes to Hatef. He asks her, “If you were dying, would you be mute this time and not fill your sister’s ears?”

Finally, he tells him that I am standing at the feet of our brother, that you are here now and you are talking and leaves.

What is your phone? He went and said, I wanted to say that I already left that house, but who else felt that you made this legend miserable?
Rama wants his son. When he finds out that he wants to marry Maral Kod Hatem, he says to Hatef, I want to spend the ticket that I have in your hand.

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