Rahayam Kon Serial

Shahram Shahhosseini had a successful series in home cinema earlier. He was able to satisfy most moviegoers with I want to survive in a nostalgic atmosphere in Tehran. Although he couldn’t make the second part of the series as originally announced, he then moved on to another nostalgic atmosphere. This time, instead of Hamed Behdad, he has invested in Hoten Shakiba and Mohsen Tanabandeh.

The series has the atmosphere of old Tehran, but the story takes place in a village called Siahroud. You follow several stories at the same time: the life story of a mining family. A not-so-mysterious murder, love triangles, and a story about Savak. The stories meet after episode 9 and the series finds a linear narrative.

In addition to the standard performance of Hoten Shakiba and the better performance of Mohsen Tanabandeh, Mehdi Hosseininia (who played the role of a criminal in “I want to stay alive” and recently got a more important role in Yaghi), the performance of Hoda Zain El Abdin and Mona Ahmadi is also impressive in this series. Babak Karimi too. As usual, home theater series are also present here.

The adventures of the series take place in the solar 50s, the same decade that some Persian-language satellite media also put the finishing touches on its image.

بیشتر ببینید:

Rahim Ken series sometimes seems confused in the narrative. Its multi-story in not too many cases ended in linguistic and narrative fragmentation, but it does not deny the border that will cause the audience to leave the series.

In the first part, crossing the red line without stepping on it is remarkable. Loves, narratives, greeds are well narrated with pictures. Lies carry the burden of part of the story, and of course, murder, politics, forbidden love and class differences are also present here, like any attractive story.

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