Raze Bagha Serial Part 10


When a family is closed and their mouths are closed.

he is guiding them on how to play chess by pointing to the hostages.

The jeweler says to Gambo, that when he meets them.

he explains that Gambo means attractive fat.

If I wanted to insult you, I would say khaki.

The family laughs. Kish and matte.

The boss of the criminals lost.

They think the family is Rahim’s father.

They spread the threat to Rahim that he should not lose a single hair.

Hatem is also with Rahim.

“I know these,” says Zinat. They want you, father, to find out.

With this word, he whistles and understands what is going on.

They want to take him to the room at the bottom of the shed.

It becomes a zealous family.

And he tells them, ‘Maybe I’m even your dad.’ He hits them and beats them.

Zinat cries and says, “Can you still find these men?” A family says it will be found. But we are very few!

The secret of survival begins.

Bita speaks at the funeral and tells the camera, “Once in a lifetime we came to move.

we fell in love, and this is the result.”

I could not take my eyes off Mojgan as long as he was alive.

Even now, the dead man behind the speaker is talking about a heavenly maiden.

Raze Bagha Serial Part 10
Raze Bagha Serial Part 10

Rahim was a very special person. He was not a nymph at all.

When we saw the movie, it hit the nymphs when we arrived.

In short, true love only happens to a person once. It happened to me, but his life was very short.

True love is to buy you an egg, but you enjoy the iPhone 13.

Is there anyone who asks why you do not put your perfume in the market like celebrities?

Later tomorrow, he realized that he had closed the contract with Athar Rahim.

We see Rahim that his perfume advertisement is being broadcast under Rahim brand.

Its motto is that if you want to be alive, you have to be fragrant. Aroma Rahim!

If you want to be happy, to be alive, you have to be fragrant, the fragrance of mercy, your fragrance.

Hatem enters the studio. When the girls want to take a photo with him, like Mohammad Reza Golzar.

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he says just observe the hijab for a while.

Hatem complains that our mother is in captivity, but you are taking pictures.

Rahim says Sula Varamin. Hatem says that if they want to move their mother, the smoke will go to your eyes.

Rahim laughs and points to Hatem’s urinary incontinence and says that his smoke is gone in all the seams of our mattress.

Hatem asks about the advertiser and the studio.

Who are these?

Are they qualified?

Are they under the flag of the Islamic Republic?

I signed a 1 billion contract with that company.

Did you give up and come here? Rahim says I will not take a step for that thief Afshin.

It’s not cheap here, but I’m promoting my perfume. Aroma Rahim.

A joint product of Paris and Ghamsar!

They go to the shed by car. A motorbike brought them food.

He goes and inhales the food. When they open the door, there is an opportunity.

Rahim and Hatam enter. Rahim beats everyone.

Hatem calls his mother. A family says my children.

Hatem wants to untie his mother, who is being shot by the head of the criminals.

The voice of the boss comes and says dust on your head.

This is the third shed to be exposed.

Rahim says, “Boss, you stretched your legs more than your rug.”

My red line is my mother.

He says that I will take my mother, but the story of you and me continues.

He also says that it is clear that it’s going on, the 150,000 that you already owed me.

A car that is stolen in front of a bank is added to it.

This child has not spent 150,000 tomans at all since his birth, how can he give you 150,000 dollars?

A family says that if you brought me here for money and money, you would be late.

The righteous child I have picked up went to America.

Raze Bagha Serial Part 10
Raze Bagha Serial Part 10

Hatem says Mr. Rais, a smuggler or whatever.

We need for our mother.

We also give blood. From every drop of our blood.

they will rise to the brim that will cleanse the earth of your misfortune.

His mother is bagging.

The boss says I have a red button on the table that I just touch enough to make it all go up in the air.

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Shed blood. Rahim says, “Look, my boss, I have a series of buttons that I can press.”

Hatem confirms and says that he also witnessed.

The boss says wow, I touched the red button.

The countdown starts.

The condition for his termination is that Rahim goes to an address in an hour to reach an agreement.

They insist on Rahim. The doors are also locked.

Iraj says I am not with them at all.

I want an exact address from Khanfader because the girl is waiting for me.

Basil is talking to someone on Skype.

Looking to sell the blood of a man who does not die is worth $ 1 million.

Ehsan is in their house and he makes himself sweet.

Rahim teases him and he teases Rahim.

Rahim says at least you live, maybe you issued our death certificate.

Hatem says that you were killing our mother.

If I have not been beaten up so far, it is due to the respect of two people.

One mom and one myself!

If I hit you, you hit me too.

I do not like in front of my children.

His mother says this was my salary?

Do not hurt your hand, Mr. Rahim.

Rahim says I got into trouble myself.

Is it my fault I do not die?

I have not given up since I found out.

Basil says I was talking to Dr.

Nixon from Finland. Talking about $ 1 million.

Rahim says I will not sell 2 thousand of my country for a million dollars.

Hatem, who is upset, says, “Why don’t you sell the ignorant?” Of cours.

this reason is very true, patriotic sweat.

Basil reports that the figure is increasing to $ 2 million.

Bita and her colleagues are watching a video of a girl playing the dulcimer on the street and Rahim.

Bita becomes sensitive to the girl who is a musician.

It is live that enters the passage.

Rahim wants to enter a gold shop that is not open to him.

Ehsan is working on the garden.

Ms. Zinat entrusts all her affairs to her.

He regularly addresses her as his third son and works for him.

He says he does not know whether to tell him the backbone or not.

God, we can not go.

He sees a packed family leaving. He says, “Make Ms. Zinat halal.”

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I feel like there is nothing left of my life.

You know, I lived like kings for a lifetime.

God knows, if I get another kick, I will have to accept the invitation of truth.

Ms. Zintakhan says okay anyway.

While you are drinking tea, I would like to ask Haji Agha Almasi if there is an inn or not.

A family looks at the tray. He asks, meaning he left all this for me? T

here are all kinds of nuts and flowers.

He sees that Darius’ picture is no longer on the wall.

He tastes it and says as if my ticket is winning. He drinks tea with gusto.

Rahim, who is not allowed in, puts himself in the place of the head of the gold shop and enters with them by force.

The guards report.

Bita says that you saw how Afshin treated me in the cafe, but you did not look behind you.

Will you be found here when you get bored?

Do not come to me or call me anymore.

Let me tell you as soon as I know that when you walk down the street.

Afshin and I are having pre-wedding tests.

I would not have taken Afshin under the coffin if my father did not owe him, now I have to be his wife because I am attached to people like you.

You did not have enough supply to express your love.

And goes. Both are affected at the moment of separation.

Adornment is a means for a family.

Does a family ask if we should go and get married right now?

In that shed, we could both die. No one knows his own future.

Zinat says I have two sons and I said,

I’m talking about snacks. Zinat says I should leave dates too.

I leave it because of its strength.

A family says to leave it for strength.

Rahim is gasping on Bilal Street, where the head of the criminals is parking his car next to him.

He shows her his phone that he is Baba Bita.

He says if you release him from prison.

I will do everything. They ask him for 24 to 48 hours.

The family and the decoration enter the office in the fuss of the previous wedding.

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