Raze Bagha Serial Part 11


While in prison, we see that Bita’s father has been released.

In the previous part, we saw that this was a condition for Rahim to cooperate with the criminals.

He does not want to be free because he is free to marry again.

He does not want to be released and says that this is illegal.

Rahim and Iraj arrive. They have come to follow him.

The man says that I will not come until I know what law and comments you released me with.

At the same time, a woman comes and asks him for his address, and he rides in the children’s car to escape falling in love.

The series begins

Now Bita’s father says in front of the camera in the mausoleum that this boy of mine was very right.

Bita also comes in front of the camera but promises not to say anything.

The father says that Rahim was inherently knowledgeable.

Bita interrupts and says with the knowledge of the facts. If he had a thousand tomans of money, he would see that his friend did not have money, he would give it to his friend. My father says that when I was in prison, I was really in a state of peace. Bita jumps in again and says that my dad has a female phobia.

They also like prison because there are no females there.

In front of the walls of Niavaran Palace, we see the police catching someone and beating them wirelessly.

Hatem is also there. He says, “I am a servant of the nation like you. Nothing has happened.”

Police say only with a sledgehammer hit the building.

Dr. Sharabaf comes and says I will listen to him myself. They open the bracelet.

We go to the deli. Haji Almasi sits and counts books. Tells the customer that Iraj is late.

The customer is a teenage boy who wants a port.

Haji Almasi says you should not eat fast port now.

I will make eggs for you.

You have to respect your body.

It is these organs and organs that will open their mouths to complain the day after the Day of Judgment.

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You eat in a fast port.

Do you now think that your stomach will support you on the Day of Judgment?

He does not do it anymore.

The boy says I know my own good.

Diamond says that if you knew you would not come out on an empty stomach.

Imam Ja’far Sadegh  says that when you pray the morning prayer, eat some pieces to make your mouth fragrant with it. Quench your heat. Strengthen your teeth and strengthen your gums.

One day, grab your yes and build your mood. The boy leaves.

An ornament and a family enter the shop in white. People are lined up behind the glass, watching them. They have come to hear the sound of my heart. It leaves the previous half for them. He goes out and beats everyone.

In front of the same wall of Niavaran Palace, Hatem is sitting in a long chassis car.

At the sandwich, Haji Almasi thinks that Hatem or Rahim wants to get married.

They tell him the news of their marriage. Surprised. He says that Hatem and Rahim are not aware of the incident and you only told me? Now there are so many people on the planet, why should I be the one in the story? It is true that I have an old will, but I am a stranger.

The doctor went and bought ice cream for Hatem. Hatem asks, “Sir, I got dirty, didn’t I?” Did I get you in trouble? The doctor says, “What are you doing to destroy the country with a shovel and a pickaxe?”

What is your field challenge? You take everything seriously. If you take the appearance seriously, there is no problem, but the looser the inside, the better life. Hatem asks, “Are you texting me at night?” The doctor says do you see that peddler?

Do people have the right to hear from one side to the other or not? Your job is to deal with the barrier.

Hatem says that they are guilty. I’m looking for big seeds. Can you hand over the destruction of that part of Lavasan? The answer is that they have made the face of the city ugly.

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Those who have made their villas stylish, which have made the city beautiful. Hatem says I want the seven governments to be under the banner of Iran.

Why do you want to go under the Russian flag? Alas for all this indifference. All this nonsense. These are phrases from Sattar Khan’s words. Burning souls of Iran. Sardar Ghalb Daliran.

The doctor says where did Afshin find you?

Afshin shows Bita the wedding dress magazine. Bita says I have a servant in a stylish white skirt and I wear the same. They are in a gold shop. Rahim enters. Afshin is angry.

Ring to harass the nomad. At that moment, Rahim enters with Bita’s father.

Rahim is asked how did you do that? He gives an official speech about his father and that in the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Even though it was my father’s vacuum, we were hit from there.

I myself have a father vacuum. Finally, when I see that this girl is separated from her father, as soon as you take care of her father. Bita says you should stay and get me a cake to celebrate.

Rahim says I should go with the “brothers” and release three more prisoners today.

Afshin collects his shirt and pants and leaves.

Bita informs her mother about her father’s release.

Rahim is going to ask Bita in the hallway where are you going? Rahim says I am one of those heroes who leave the place quietly when I do something. Bita asks him not to get lost and buried.

Rahim says maybe I will go and get lost for two or three days. Maybe I will get lost and buried at all. But take care of yourself because Afshin is crazy. You were right about me, I am a non-supplier. Congratulations in advance of your marriage, I hope you are happy. Bita, who is upset, calls out and says I got gold!

Are you confused? But one question.

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Are you really the daughter of this father? You do not look like anything on your face, but good luck.

Hatem comes home and calls his mother.

His mother’s voice comes talking to a family in an awkward situation. His mother comes and eats out and says, “Why did you come to Jon’s mom’s house so early?” Hatem asks who is here? Says the mother

It is a family. Lying. His back hurts. Hatem asks, then what were these sounds?

A family shouts that we should make a decoration, a tea. What does Hatem ask? Ornamental? The mother says that her brain was shaken during the torture.

The family that comes out is wearing a Bruce Lee T-shirt and saying hello my son. Is the card over?

Hatem asks what was the decoration you said?

A family says, “I told them to eat in those decorative Jiroft cups.” Hatem, however, answers that Iranian civilization does not end in Jiroft. We have a civilization that is 5,000 years old, like a burnt city. Other civilizations such as Zagros Caves, Marlik Gilan.

Rahim went to work on the truck. Iraj is also wearing a suit and wearing a bow tie.

Worried about who to invite to the wedding. His own wedding with Khanfather’s daughter.

Rahim says go down. He pulls out a gun. Says go follow your life. You should not come there.

Khanfather from there.

Once we hit a bad rider, he will definitely kill one. Well, I’m not killing you.

Iraj says no, it is not like that, his daughter loves me.

Rahim says Shiva does not love you. My brother, I have been telling you for 10 years that if someone smiles at you, he does not love you.

Iraj says that love is like a port, they write me at the end, but you can not ignore it.

They are in the middle of a fight when they start shooting and start fleeing by truck.

We see Khanfader doing martial arts training that harmonizes with martial music and sometimes takes the form of local dance. Meanwhile, Rahim enters the camp.

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