Raze Bagha Serial Part 12

Rahim and Iraj are imprisoned in a place and the sound of trumpets comes from outside, Rahim eats bananas and Iraj says they are going to be executed, he is sad that he did not reach his mistress and Rahim says that he went to the cafe with Bita at least twice.

Raze Bagha dizisi, 12. bölüm – Pendar Mag

He went to her house and opened the door himself. At first he saw his ear and thought it was his father, Iraj says that Shiva’s ear is different from the others, Rahim says that it is an ear and has no husband or wife, Iraj says that Abbas’s ear is new and your mother is the same shape? The debate escalates, at first nervous, then upset, and chanting for themselves.

At the same time, two people come, open their hands and take them to the room where they play the instrument.

The movie begins. The scene goes to the funeral, the person behind the camera asks, “Were you one of those people who shot at the deceased in the past?” Farrokh says that they were not supposed to ask these questions, then they explain that he was shot like everyone else, but he quickly bled. He says he should get the answer from Khan Fader because most of all he shot Rahim.
Rahim’s hands are tied to a stick and Khan Fader is playing chess with himself and is killing himself.

Rahim and Iraj say that they came to be friends and to compensate for the previous false burden and the new burden is original. Khan Fader complains that they conspired and anesthetized his daughter. Iraj says that he loves Shiva. Iraj chooses someone and he comes out of the water, gives him another chance and says that if he finds it right, he will be released, he will have Shiva and he will get the crocodiles’ money.

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He is wrong again. Because everyone is happy, Iraj is given another chance that Rahim wants to choose him, but he also chooses a man by mistake.

Rahim complains and says that it is not his intention to line up men, mask them and ask them to find his daughter among them. Khan Fader tells everyone to take off their masks and it turns out that except for the three people they chose, the rest are women and Shiva is sitting among them.

Khan Fader says that death is inevitable for the traitors to Khan Fader, Rahim anesthetized his daughter and gave her a fake burden, he heard that Rahim would not die, but this is not to die, it is not to die. And orders Muradlo to shoot. While dancing, Iraj wants Khan Fader to pass Rahim because his mother’s life is tied to him. Khan Fader greets him and says he will not kill Rahim until he dances.

The song of the movie “Sholeh” is played, Iraj takes off his shoes and starts dancing, until he gets tired, they call Fader Moradloo and Iraj dances again. Then he is asked to dance on the shards of glass. Eventually, Iraj gets tired and falls to the ground. Fathers follow Moradlu. But Iraj’s attempt to open Rahim remained unfinished and they failed to escape.

Hatem enters Nooshan’s office and says that he is with Engineer Afshin. The secretary says that he has a meeting with the shareholders to elect the board of directors, Hatem says that he is also a shareholder. The secretary asks him a question about the telegram and hands him the phone after he thinks that Hatem knows what he is doing, but Hatem ruins the work by answering his phone call.

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We go to the meeting room, the voting results are being announced. And Dr. Sharabaf will be elected chairman of the board by a majority of votes, while voters are surprised. As it is known, Sharabaf has taken part in the courier of motorbikes in order to violate their name.

In a room for Rahim and Iraj, Shiva took an anesthetic called mint and eucalyptus sweat and said that they should not return and that the story of his Syrian anesthesia should not be revealed. Iraj asks her to marry him and Shiva says he has many conditions.

Iraj faints after saying that he accepts any condition and Rahim loses consciousness after him.

Hatem enters Sharabaf’s room, the end of the meeting is announced and the shareholders complain about the tax that is paid in their name.

Sharabaf is upset and says he will resign soon, and one of those present says that if he wanted to resign, he would not buy their votes with the promise of lunch.

Soroush complains and says that sending text messages was not Sharabaf’s job and Hatem reveals that he sent the text messages.

Everyone is kicked out and Sharabaf threatens Hatem to drown his head. Soroush comes and says that he was told to come to him to determine his task. Rahim did not tell him anything, Hatem says he did not know about it, Soroush says he was fired.

Hatem says he has information about Rahim that he does not know, and when Soroush eagerly wants to know, he says that Tuesday is Rahim’s birthday, he does not know and they are going to surprise him. Soroush complains and clings to Hatem’s collar.

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Salmani is taking pictures of Zeinab and Ardeshir Khan and says that although they are a couple, they should distance themselves a little for diversity. The barber wants to go where Mr. Azizi wants to stay until he gives the ring to the lady to take a picture.

Zainab says that the person who sent him to pursue Rahim will not respond.

Khan Fader’s people are pulling plastic on the tents and the liaison (Ehsan) is watching when he sees someone behind him, they get into a fight and Ehsan beats him and opens his headband.
Shiva takes Iraj to the desert in a sack and dies.

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