Raze Bagha Serial Part 13


Iraj and Shiva arrive in Tehran, they go in front of Rahim’s house and Iraj says that in that house it is always open to him, his father is not alive and his mother is in the city, he does not go to the city because his cousin is given to him by force.

Iraj is worried that Khan Fader will find out that he did not kidnap Shiva, and Shiva says that the other grooms were also unprotected and that their own daughters always accepted the theft.

Farrokh and Kayhan see Shiva and inform their boss that Iraj has come without Rahim and that Khan Fader’s daughter is with him.

The head (Farshid Zareifard) says: “Khan Fader’s daughter in Tehran, next to our ears, you will beg me to give you your daughter in forty-eight hours.”

The movie begins.

People in front of the camera say at the funeral, it is true that Rahim is dead, but people can not ignore his harassment and show signs of burns on the head, neck, eyes and feet from the last Wednesday that was caused by Rahim.
We go back to a time when Rahim was imprisoned in his father’s house.

He is writing a will. He writes that he has no hope of getting this will, but he writes to lighten it up. Iraj separated from him and does not know if he is alive or dead? At this moment, he thinks of his mother, who has always been ashamed of her persecution but has not turned her back.

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He misses the persecution of the people, especially the Iran-Portugal game, and he enjoys it with all his being whenever he remembers it.

He recalls that during the game, he caused a power outage in the neighborhood and played the alarm and bombardment during the war with loudspeakers, causing panic among the people.

Khan Fader enters, Rahim protests what has happened to Iraj, Fader says that he kidnapped Shiva and in the end it turns out, they bring Ehsan and it turns out that Khan Fader understands the story of Rahim’s immortality and wants to use him financially.

Rahim asks Ehsan why he revealed everything and Ehsan says that they knew in advance, he himself heard that Rahim had been sold for ten million dollars to the Arabs.

Rahim asks what the Arabs do and Ehsan answers, being genetic and immortal.

Shiva gets to know Rahim’s family and their cultural differences become apparent.

Hatem also talks about the cultural differences in Africa and pretends to have traveled there, which is ridiculed by the family and Basil. Zinat asks Shiva where Rahim is and Shiva answers that he has a deal with his father who is a smuggler.

Iraj says that they should take the initiative to marry him, Zinat is worried about Rahim’s life, which Shiva says is nothing to worry about, because Rahim’s name is not on his father’s list of executions.

Basil says they hit Rahim in the air and they did not get any money, how much does Dr. Nixon say he pays a lot for Rahim’s genetics. A family says he is familiar with consciousness, Hatem opposes.

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A family wants to show a photo of their friend Hatem, who sees his mother’s photo in the family wallet, he complains and the family says he wanted to issue a chess federation card to decorate.

Basil says he does not know chess, but Zinat says he has a bronze medal in chess. Hatem asked the elephant about chess and his mother got nervous and said that Shiva should take them to Rahim until noon.

Diamond opens the shop and cleans it.

Bita enters the shop and describes the shop as nostalgic, she introduces herself as Rahim’s fiancé and Almasi says she swears she is no longer the observer, witness and secret of any marriage.

Bita says that there is no secret, she ordered some sandwiches and says that Rahim has disappeared and his family was not home, he is helpless and Rahim has always said that Haj Agha Almasi is the helper of the helpless.

Bita says that Afshin took three dongs from their shops under the pretext of his father’s release and after Afshin’s mother married his father, he made a fuss. Gives the diamond to follow.

Ehsan eats with craving and compliments.

But Rahim says that bread and water are before beheading, so they gather the carpets so that they do not bleed.

Ehsan says that if he opens his hand, he will be the opponent, but Rahim says that they are equipped with the latest equipment in the world.

As they try to remove the carpet from under Rahim and Ehsan, Rahim protests, but the house force says. Night’s night’s do not have to sit on the carpet, they wait outside, they want to wash the carpets and see what Santa has left for them.

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Rahim says that because Ehsan has arrived, the number of guards has increased, Ehsan wants him to escape alone, and he joins him four hours later behind the twin hills.

Farrokh and Kayhan, when they see that no one is in Rahim’s house, take the boss in front of a diamond sandwich and say that if we steal Bita, Rahim will be found.

After Bita leaves the shop, Farrokh and Kayhan follow him, but they push him forward. Bita enters an alley and is stole by another car.

Someone wants Farrokh to eat his travel, but Farrokh accidentally presses the trigger twice and kills him.
The women of the Fader tribe are washing the carpet and finding a gift in it, the last of which has arrived and belongs to a person who calls her aunt.

Aunt opens the carpet and sees Rahim in it and says that Santa Claus has left you for me.

Rahim says he explains, he should not just shout for the lives of his children and his aunt says he is not married yet. Rahim wants to open his arms and legs, he brings a chainsaw and breaks the chains.

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