Raze Bagha Serial Part 15


Reyhan and Kiana are in a diamond sandwich, Reyhan cries and Almasi says he did not know that the whole family went to the smugglers’ headquarters. Dong is named after Hatem’s father to pledge for him. After Basil leaves, Farrokh and Kayhan enter the shop and look for Bita.

After Almasi says they made a mistake, they knock him unconscious with a gun to the shoulder.

The film begins with Hatem in front of the camera at the funeral. , To be the beginning of progress in politics.

Going back to the present, a family in chess confuses Ehsan, Hatem asks Rahim about Khan Fader’s political relations, someone blows up the ornament, he cries that he was worried about Rahim, but he came to play. Rahim says this is not the case and they are dangerous.

Ehsan confirmed Rahim’s statement regarding Bita stealing and Zinat liked Bita and praised him and said that he should not put Rahim to work. Then he wants them not to marry without them, when Bita tells Rahim to imagine his mother marrying like his father, and Rahim says that he will take care of the person who married his mother and that he is afraid of a family. Khan Fader invites Zinat to visit the Friday Bazaar and he accepts.

Farrokh and Kayhan interrogate Almasi and ask about his relationship with Khanfader, Almasi advises them. He speaks of the fire of hell and molten metal, the rest of the people have joined them and are sitting at the foot of the diamond pulpit. Almasi frightens them with her mother’s sigh, Farrokh, who has lost his mother, starts crying, Almasi describes the tragedy as a mother.

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Rahim and Bita are sitting and talking, Rahim licking himself for Bita, then says that everything was going well, he was destroyed.

Bita says they know what is going on, Shiva plots and a fake Arab is supposed to come and buy Rahim with counterfeit money.

Rahim and Iraj, a high school Arabic teacher, think he comes to the tribe to teach Arabic.

Ehsan steals a motorbike at a gas station in the house and goes after him.

Ehsan says he should wear it and they slap him.

Iraj goes to the groom’s bathroom, gives him a sack and the detergent with the catalog in it.

The Arabic teacher, who brought two bags containing counterfeit money with him according to the order of Zinat and heard the story from Ehsan, is scared and says that he does not know how to speak Arabic, but Ehsan uses force.

Afshin complains to Sharabaf about why he ousted Bita’s father from prison and handed Bita over to Rahim. They are in front of the optimistic house, when the optimist arrives with his new wife, Sharabaf points to the police and arrests the optimist.

The Arabic teacher and Ehsan are sitting in front of Fader’s house, and Khanfader says tonight is his daughter’s wedding and it is scheduled for tomorrow.

Shiva says that the Arabs are always one day ahead of us, they cry like Eid al-Fitr, Zinat and Rahim, Khanfader says they do not harm Rahim and his tribe needs this money. Zinat says that if her child is superficial, all of humanity will benefit from it.

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Everyone chants for the sake of humanity and the Arabic teacher repeats only the word Na’m. Rahim says about Tawfiq Khidmat, Khanfadar asks Rahim is satisfied? And Bita says the family and he should go with Rahim, maybe he will need help. Zinat says that it has always been like this, we have been rewarded in the hereafter and money has been given to others. They want to go.

Khanfader says he should ask Sheikh Rashid that this person came from him, because Khanfader is suspicious of him. They come, they want to go, the house-father wants to stay tonight for the wedding, they dance and go out of the tent, when suddenly Hatem, who is unaware of the case, recognizes Jamnejad and asks him.

What is he doing there and why is he wearing Arabic clothes? The father-in-law gets nervous and tells Shiva that he has raised a snake in Austin.

Hatem asks what the story is and Rahim says with hatred that we were doing something to go, but you came and did something not to go.

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