Raze Bagha Serial Part 5


Ardeshir Khan, a person who was the leader of the criminals and his mustache was unbalanced.

we see at the beginning of the series attacking people who are far away.

He says go to Comrade Rahim so that if he does not speak, we can get rid of him and go to work. He means the student of the sandwich seller.

They report that there is no news about them. Two bullets were fired, but they are no longer visible.

This episode begins with Iraj, a sandwich student, talking to the camera. “I miss Rahim,” he says.

We were not models either.

Before Rahim, the peak of my excitement was to go to the bottom of the highway and try fourth gear.

He took me underground boxing and we met with criminals.

Whatever I told him, he also said that one tenth of a deng from Haji Almasi’s shop is ours.

Let’s go back to the memories. Iraj faints and Rahim runs away.

They are leaving in a car that Rahim is driving.

They say they may be in heaven. Iraj says I want to go to the diamond shop.

What kind of paradise is it to follow us with Peugeot Persia?

Rahim tells him I was joking and he is not dead.

The argument goes that Iraj says I failed young.

He does not believe he is alive.

Haji Almasi says that he was told after his death that he thought he was in the material world and did not believe he was dead.

Another feature is that in the outside world.

Matter We can not harm each other because our organs and organs do not follow us. Rahim whispers in his ear and believes
They are in the material world.


Rahim has been shot. Iraj is afraid to see blood. Checks the location of the bullets.

Ardeshir and his gang are looking for Rahim and Iraj.

They find the car.

On the other side is Rahimband bleeding.

Ardeshir finds Iraj.

Iraj says he is alive but he escaped with the arrow you saw.

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And shows them the footsteps of the Merciful.

They start firing in the direction they think is gone. But in fact, their boss was shot.

Ardeshir, who is with Rahim, comes with a bloody and shot hand. He is passing away.

Rahim escapes. Iraj eventually escapes.

In a restaurant cafe, a man and a woman are eating sushi, talking about whether it was better to get Daisy.

The man says I’m heartbroken too, but I really like sushi. The woman says that the same lawyer.

for example, ordered sushi between me and you.

The man tells the woman that the lawyer had called yesterday and said that it would be better to transfer the document to the other branches as soon as possible.

Apparently related to the girl’s debt. A woman does not fully trust a man.

In the next picture, we see that a blue Nissan is carrying a large number of workers, behind which Hatam & Rahim is also sitting.

He quotes his father as saying that Rahim is good-natured and gets well soon.

“I was never afraid to die, but this immortality is scaring me a little bit,” he says.

It also has its cool, for example, to retire at the age of 50 and receive a pension until the age of 150, or to go to the graves of those who dreamed of receiving the money they were supposed to receive from you.

He says to the old man sitting next to him, “Would you like to live a thousand years?”

He says no, it’s better for me to die today than tomorrow.

When questioned, he says that your hand is white and soft like a baby’s ass.

Rahim, who was hit, showed wounds and blood and said that this was the case in the anti-drug operation.

They think he is a colonel. He also gets stuck and throws himself out to show the hypothetical operation.

It hurts but it gets up. He says, “Thank God you have given me such a ready body.” He walks and walks.

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Rahim rushes to the hospital and goes to see his ex-wife: Reyhaneh.

“I am no longer your brother’s wife,” he says. Your mother’s enough of Pfizer and prison and these are too small do not add to it.

Rahim says, “I have come to check that there is a person who does not get shot in the heart.” Rahim says that the pain is as normal as itching.

It hurts when you eat too much. It beats its pulse. Takes it again.

He says take a deep breath. Her heart rate is only 15 beats per minute.

Iraj has reached Haji Almasi and told him an adventure.

Haji took him to compliment Rahim’s mother.

Haji Almasi says, “Is it Tom and Jerry who get shot twice and nothing happens?”

They want to report that they see that his mother is going to go to the hospital with Hatem and his family.

But they do not know about the shooting and Haji Almas and Iraj whistle.

Hatam, but instead of being shocked, he just says, “Let me know, my heart is pounding.”

And they go play chess with a family.

A family says, “Why didn’t you tell me you were in politics?” I am familiar.

I was in the Ministry of Road Construction. I was a post and telegraph, I was a judge.

Tonight I can take you to one of those big necks.

Rahim is resting in the hospital. His vital signs are not normal. He also has a strange behavior in feeling pain.

Haji Almasi who goes to Rahim Rahim asks him for a bowl of something.

Haji Almasi says have they not connected anything to you?

Rahim asks: Is spying in people’s private lives the right thing to do? The answer is: if the document of the shops is stuck in prison for others, yes it is true.

Rahim says, so say it because of the document, not because of myself.

Do not say that they wanted to let the bank take a loan for the daughter of a poor family.

Wants to know if they can go to court to get the document at all?

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Rahim asks Haji to help him leave the hospital.

Hatem and his family go to an old villa. To Mr. Houshang.

The photo of Che Guevara is on the wall and the photo of Mohammad Reza Shah and Farah Pahlavi. Houshang is wearing a tie and sitting.

Hatem says can we take a selfie? Hatem’s phone does not turn on. sound

Singing Wigan comes. Houshang has been in love with slim waists (of course, his glasses) since he was young.

He has been the captain of the ping pong education team.

High school opened the goal, when it was both boys and girls. In road construction, he has overhauled Elizabeth Boulevard (now a farmer).

I designed the Shah’s garden myself.

It has a framed plaque of thanks to the officers of Reza Shah Kabir’s contemporaries for the officers and non-commissioned officers of His Highness Reza Shah during the March 15 ceremony.

Two years before the revolution, he was a member of the country’s intelligence and security organization.

In the administrative department. But unfortunately, when you enter there, it does not matter where you are, the SAVAK label is on my forehead.

Hatem just realizes that it is not good to be there for his future and leaves. A family runs after him.

He tells a family that the ten minutes I have been here can be a record.

The family’s answer is to let go of these, let me give you a basic potion, forget it all.

He wants to go, but two people come and show him the card and he says, “Mr. Hatem, you have to tell me why you go there and what you do.”

Hatem says that the children of the caravan of the Pathfinders know me.

They give him a summons to introduce himself tomorrow.

The place where he has to introduce himself is called the Shooter Crossroads.

He cries that his end was like Gaddafi and Bin Laden, but his heart wanted to be Amir Kabir.

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