Raze Bagha Serial Part 6


Hatam, on the other hand, was taken in for questioning to explain about Savaki’s house.

He is bragging about himself as a child of the regime.

He is asked to be silent, but he says, “Rest assured, I will work with you.”

He knocks on one of the rooms and enters in a panic.

Raze Bagha Serial Part 6
Raze Bagha Serial Part 6

The series begins.

This time it is a family talking in front of the camera in Mazar Rahim.

He says that it was enough that they said he would not die, but eventually he died.

Then, in the continuation of her long intestine, she discusses their differences after meeting that Savaki person, and that after that, whenever she saw me, she thought she had seen her mother’s husband.

Hatam kisses the flag upon entering the interrogation.

There are two prisoners who entered Bahmani’s house half an hour after him.

Bahmani was killed 2 hours after meeting them.

Hatam says let an undesirable element go. The interrogator says that Bahmani cooperated with us to trap the undesirable elements. Are you in his ship? ‌

Hatam says no, I saw it was Savaki. I decided to get close to your device. The interrogator says that the elements of this incident have been arrested and that we have brought you here so that you know that he is under surveillance.

Hatam wants to satisfy the interrogator to stay there.

Rahim talks to the medical team while undergoing surgery, and even his mobile phone answers. Anesthesia did not work on him. Due to the strangeness of his condition, they say to close the oxygen valve and see if it changes? Does it not change at all?

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The strangeness of Rahim’s condition reached the reporter and they lined up in the operating room.

They are broadcasting the story on TV and announcing that the bullets did not have any effect on his body.

The group that beat him is sitting and watching TV and cursing their bad luck. Ardeshir Khan, their leader, enters and says that the boy is no longer our enemy. If you touch him, this priesthood will become your tomb.

Rahim’s mother is crying for Rahim. He tells a family that I called him to go to the hospital. They told me that they wanted to discharge him with 50 stitches 2 hours after the operation. I know why they do that.

Because my father does not have children. A family says, “Well, you young people, bring them a father.”

My son is on the other side of the world and I have all the free time to say yes, I will be a father to them. The woman asks other women what she says was a misunderstanding, a mistake and a human error!

A family even wants to have children. In the center of the knee is two of his freezing drawers!

The woman says I have 2 sons in my house and forty years old. I kept my ex-bride with a thousand doses and tricks in the corner of the yard to reconcile. Now you put yourself in my place. Did you get married? I do not think about you until these two women get married. And he calls them a bite.

The whole voice of Haji Almasi and Hatam comes. Hatam tells a family, “Go to your master, tell him you are blind, tell your master, I will return stronger.” A family says he repented and was cooperating.

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Hatam says I do not want a stranger at home. Haji Almasi says, “Come to us for a few days, and we will go out at 5 in the morning after the prayer.”

Hatam thinks that a family has been sent to him and says that they even send me some swallows in the vegetable shop. Eventually their fights escalate and they look for a family.

Raze Bagha Serial Part 6
Raze Bagha Serial Episode 6

The mother takes the side of the family.

In a distribution center, they watch Rahim’s film and say that it is a good subject. That one does not die. Now they are looking to become a celebrity. This boy is promoting both a screwdriver and a diaper.

They are plotting to pay Rahim for their juices and eternal life to advertise.

Rahim has a glorious return to the neighborhood.

He spends the night at home chatting with the girl he loves. His followers are increasing and Hatam is thinking of posting for himself.

Hatam says I can be a responsible manager. One has come to advertise on the Instagram page.

Rahim wants to have a body massage. The person who came to advertise is the same juice company and said that he would pay 200-300 million tomans, but Hatam has not accepted yet.

At the place he is going, he wants to go to Nooshan Juice Company, for which a car has been sent. That’s why he does not go with Iraj’s car. Hatam arrives late and sees that there is no one. Hatam stays. An engine is being chased.

The company is waiting to see the smuggler he was looking for in Neyzar.

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The story of the juicer is deceptive and they try to escape. But they take him to the boss who is in the pool. His choice is either a strong man in the water or a hungry crocodile eating him. They kill one of their children who made his syrup sweet. They offer him cooperation.

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