Raze Bagha Serial Part 7


It starts with peeling an apple from a woman who is Afshin’s mother. They have come to court. The grandmother mentions the amount of dowry, which is considered to be 313 coins for the prophets and they send salawat.

They have come to beta. Azizjan insists on 313 coins.

The bride’s father arrives optimistically and sees the man. He knows Afshin and understands what is going on. She wants to say a few words alone with her future son-in-law.

Optimists threaten the groom and fight. We find out that he has just taken Afshin’s wealthy mother and he has come to take his daughter. Afshin believes that he also took his mother to settle his debts. Afshin’s mother, an optimistic woman, comes and just finds out what is going on.

In a conversation, it is decided that he should not be optimistic about Afshin’s mother’s money and he should go to prison.

The Secret of Survival series is just beginning.

At Rahim’s funeral, one of the criminals speaks and says that there is no immortal person. Finally, one day we will all die, especially Rahim, who was ambitious. Everyone who went to our boss came out horizontally, but this gentleman turned to his right hand. It sent missions that I did not go through with two decades of experience in smuggling goods. One of his colleagues enters the discussion in his approval. The smuggler says three things are a priority: first, the pleasure of God, second, halal bread, and third, specialization. Rahim did not have any expertise. The second man suggests that they bring them camera lenses.

The first person reads the closing poem at once and sheds tears:

I will draw the line you said

I swear to you I’m so ashamed of you

Hatem has been stealthily riding in a Noshad juice truck. When they open the door, it turns out that he has promised them a low position in the government.

Like Khashkchi, he is afraid that his brother will enter a building and not get out of it. Hatem is forced out.

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A man arrives and follows the story, who apparently gives motivational speeches and Hatem is one of his fans who also has a picture of him in his wallet. The man rides Hatem.

We go to an underground battlefield. Rahim is fighting. Rahim deceives his opponent and allows him to punch. The same thing happens reciprocally when Rahim falls to the ground.

Rahim says I’m going. If I come back in a day or two, nothing. If I do not come back, you will not tell my mother anything about these smugglers and these. I do not want my mother to hear about my cooperation with traffickers.

The CEO tells Hatem that the enemy is standing today to take advantage of our slightest slip, and that it is you who must take care of your brother’s brand, which did not come today. Then he picks up the phone and talks about a figure of 60 billion tomans that he can not move without the permission of the board of directors. The board is behind the treadmill. They agree.

Hatem decides to become a board member and jokingly advertises his ex-wife and her weight loss surgery to accommodate new people.

Afshin’s image is also on the board. Who is one of their relatives. The nephew is the CEO.

We see a room full of servers, which is apparently a bitcoin farm. Someone enters and reports that the electricity in the neighborhood has been cut off, the locals have become suspicious and may go and complain. One suggests that he take a break for a day or two. Afshin says that one should not take a day off from cultivating the farm.

Rahim and Hatem’s mother is cooking and a family brings her a rose and puts it on the table. The mother thinks her grandchildren picked the flowers from the park. When she tries to throw the flowers in the trash, she sees that a family has broken the photos of Darius her late husband and thrown them in the trash.

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A family says that as long as the dead are in front of your eyes, you do not care about the living. If it were, you would not throw the flower branch I borrowed for you in the trash. The woman says I’m not used to these things. My Darius was not one of these people.

Rahim is brushed and walks the streets in a tie and suit, and the locals are surprised, people hug him and get his signature.

He enters a cafe where Bita is also. He tries to be honest. He tells her to put the ring on one side and then come to the Baham Cafe on the other. Why? Bita says because you do not play movies. You are honest. You are not a professional. Rahim says that even when I was a teenager, we used to pass girls’ school. I went straight home.

Bita announces that I will probably marry someone I do not like these days. Rahim says Afshin? Bita says I know you know and you talked to my dad in prison. The important thing is that we sat for a few minutes and talked. Rahim cries and says why not? Why can’t I touch every girl? Bita says you were saying that you would drop your head and go home? Rahim says if I ask a question, are you telling the truth? Are you really the daughter of the same father? You are not a bit like each other. Afshin arrives.

Bita introduces Rahim as her father’s friend. Afshin says I know him. Afshin learns from Bita’s colleagues where Bita is going.

Rahim took a taxi and was fine. The taxi driver asks how he is and the boy in the taxi says cry, beautiful cry. He explains what happened and now he has come without saying goodbye and he does not know whether he will see him again or not. The man sitting behind him hands him a handkerchief that anesthetizes Rahim.

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Reyhaneh and her daughter enter the house. The girl asks mom. Dad is the president? ادر Mom says no. The girl asks is she a minister? Does he work in the parliament? ‌ Mom says her job is free. The girl asks mom. Dad, what? Uncle Rahim said

. I asked him, “Is my father the president?” Baba said it was not practical. When they enter, Hatem is there. He has sweets in his hand and says we have guests. He brought in two people who were on the treadmill and overweight who were on the board company.

The woman gets angry. But after the rumors, he sees a rose left by a family to improve their relationship. The woman likes him and is kind to Hatem. But Hatem does not fit in and says that he bought it himself. Reyhaneh agrees to do something for Hatem once again and make them thin.

Rahim falls into a corner on the ground and wakes up. He thinks he is dead when he sees a truck nearby. In the truck, Iraj is gone. Iraj regains consciousness Iraj was anesthetized and brought from the shop. A cell phone rings.

Someone behind the phone says I want you to know all this for your own good, that you do not know where and what your car’s load is. Go straight and the buyer will be in front of the sun. If there is a conflict they have to kill someone, well you can not be killed, so you must understand what I mean.

You take the money you delivered and return it. Our children are coming after you.

They are shot on the way. They get off after a long time as the shooting continues. Rahim pulls out the bullets without any special scratches.


We enter a neighborhood where the people are military and armed. It is the tribe that will host them.

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