Raze Bagha Serial Part 8


Rahim and Iraj have a strange reception. They compliment the food with bones and eat it with bones themselves. Iraj says please bring us a spoon and fork, but the answer is:

don’t you have a fork yourself?

The chief of the people is called the house of the fathers.

A film is shown that is Indian. Rahim says it’s funny but Khanfader says it brings tears to your eyes. Rahim says that they lie a lot, but he says that the truth of life is slapped in the face like meat.

Rahim asks, “Can you do the calculation of our load books and then eat the bones?”

The chief of the tribe says, “I like you alive.” Although we have many enemies, no one has come from this route for about 4 years now. How did you manage to get around this shooting?
Rahim says the teachings I saw in Shaolin should be useful to me.

The chief of the tribe finally believes. But he says where is the sign of Shaolin? Rahim shows the wound on his back and he believes it.

Rahim asks are you single? If the load is correct, both you and the woman will get paid. They open for the first time. It is a refrigerator. Inside the refrigerator are plastic boxes.

There are several reptiles inside the boxes. Gandoi is a short snout, according to the chief of the tribe, the most beautiful creature in the world.

The new episode of the Secret of Survival series is just starting!

Rahim’s mother is in front of the camera at the funeral.

He says of his childhood and adolescence that at first it was the size of a shoe and then it looked like a movie, then the child became like an orange box.
He says that if I had 7-8 children, I would finally have something left.

The old men are not all right. I was told to eat hazelnuts, your children should be smart, and we ate Hatem. They said, “Eat an apple, your child will be beautiful.” Not to say they were ugly, not at all. My kid from the profile was like Adam Driver (American actor).

We return to the tribe. Rahim is praised, but the discussion goes to the chiefs of the tribe.

Iraj says that he has two thick eyebrows, two penetrating eyes, a masculine nose and a thicker mustache than the eyebrows.

But he says I do not like the line that separates the chin and lips, but when I saw you, I was attracted by your virtues.

The man offers Rahim to stay there and give him one of his 12 daughters. He had 19 daughters, 8 of whom were married.

His daughters are there. Everyone has a scavenger. He says these are like the claws of the sun. Rahim says, “Unfortunately, I promised someone else that I was going to get married.”

Meanwhile, some of them just wave to Iraj.

Iraj says that because I am single, I can take charge of someone.

The man says that if I had 100 daughters, I would not give you one.

Iraj says Mukhtarid is your own production.

Gando crocodiles are authenticated and money is available.

A suitcase is a suitcase of money. Rahim starts counting. They pick up the money and leave.


After Rahim and Iraj leave, the chief of the tribe realizes that their heads are covered and that the snouts of the Gandos are 2 cm taller.

Others say we understood, but we said not to break the deal because of 2 cents, but the chief of the tribe says that because of this 2 cents, its value is lost.

Go and have no right to return until you are alive. But I want a tall boy alive. Not a hair should be cut from him.
The housewife tells her daughters to find you a high-rise case. Forward to the genetic modification of Khanfader’s descendants!

On the way back, Iraj wants to take $ 10,000.

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Rahim says they are thrown down from the top of Azadi Square tower.

Iraj reduces $ 5,000 and raises $ 5,000.

Rahim says that by doing this, you are only reducing the height of your fall and now you are jumping from Seyed Khandan Bridge. He takes $ 200 and leaves the rest.

Rahim says that now you have gone on a stool.

It hurts to fall from behind. Iraj also leaves $ 200, but says that our friendship is over.

Iraj assumes that the friendship is over and says, “From now on, tell me Kazembeigi.”

Ordinary friend. At that moment, the shooting started again and was stopped by rear-wheel drive.

They pick up the bag and run away. Iraj starts praying. Rahim says you should say the prayer with crying and begging. At the same time, they carry guns on their heads.

We are going to Hatem.

He is wearing his official diplomatic suit and standing in front of a mirror behind the map of Iran.

His mother says,”What’s up, Mom?” Where are you going so smooth?

Hatem asks his mother not to tell me about my mother’s chocolate in the clothes of my rule.

Of course, I do not want to rule, I do not rule, I do not take land.

This is one of the characteristics of civilized human beings.

His mother says to turn away from you, the devil of the beautiful city.

Where did you learn these words, where did you learn these lessons?

A family is looking for its own chess face.

lost. Zinat Khanum gives Dariush to her late husband.

A family asks, “Do you mean to give me a chess gift?” Zinat says no gift.

Twice I wanted to let him in. He asks her to hand over some Hatem.

A family says I think, but his speeches are not his own.

The mother explains that she is not.

Charlie Chaplin’s in The Great Dictator.

But do not see.


In the next picture, we see Haji Almasi, the locals gathered and put their heads on his chest. 10 seconds each

They listen to his heart.

He asks people, do you all know Rahim or not?

Do you know whether this Mr. Rahim suffers from a disease called maltreatment or not? Everyone agrees.

He asks, “Well, you know why you believe his words?”

One of the residents says that he once said it seriously and cried.

His eyes were closed.

DI asked why did you not die?

He said, “I listen to Haji Almasi’s heart for 10 seconds a day and I will not die.”

Haji Almasi says he said nonsense.

Now I have to perform a cardiovascular concert for you for an hour a day?

It does not happen that.

I have a thousand jobs and if Iraj comes, I have to go and get to my jobs.

One of them wants to record his heartbeat and take it to his mother.

Haji says, “Is it tricky to play a tiger?”

From the sandwich that comes out, one says salawat for the king of hearts.

All the people are gathered to hear the sound of his sweet heart.

Haji Almas says, “Choose two people on your behalf. Let’s go to Rahim.”

There, I force Rahim to write and sign that all these claims are nothing more than nonsense.


The delegates are elected and go to Rahim’s house with Haji Almasi.

Haji asks them to be polite.

He says that the fruit of literature, which the people say is juicy.

He means good morals.

He is telling narrations when Hatem arrives.

“I’m sorry, ‘he says.’ I can not answer. ‘

They ask for mercy, which Hatem says is not good.

They did not come last night either. Haji goes to Iraj.

Hatem takes the motorbike and forcibly rides on the motorbike of the people.

They do not want to ride it because it does not pay, but it hangs and goes.

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Now that he is not merciful, people want to listen to Haji Almas’s heart today.

Haji does not like it, but he is afraid that people will say something.

Let’s go back to the tribe. Girls and boys are dancing in the tribe.

Iraj is also watching. Rahim has been buried and only his neck is left.

They brought him coconut water.

His nose is itchy. They are happy for him.

The chainsaw is next to him.

The housewife says I offered you to be my son-in-law.

You both shook hands and put a hat on my head.

He asks Rahim what the men of that man in the middle of the desert had to do with you.

Did they come to save your life?

Not. They came to save their money.

But now I have to take revenge on you.

Rahim says have you seen his wife’s hate movie?

I’m not saying brother’s wife is on the screen. Defines the story in such a way that the bad guy bury the story of the good guy in the same way. Amita Pachchan is great and forgives. But he says I do not forgive, do you know why? Because I lose my credibility. Rahim says do not do anything with Iraj because it is useless. The answer is that you are passing. Talk about crocodiles. The argument is that no one dared to touch Khanfader’s daughter’s chest. Rahim says I did not touch Sibyllat. Maybe I’m consuming something and I do not deserve your groom. Guillotine is ordered. Rahim refers to girls who dance. The chief of the tribe complains that am I so indifferent that my daughters dance like this? ‌ These are my son-in-laws.

Iraj enjoys watching them. The chief of the tribe orders the veils removed. Iraj eats. Khanfader decides to kill Iraj and attacks him.

Rahim seizes the opportunity and comes out. He gives thanks to God and is thankful to God. Iraj was tied up and hanged.

Rahim is sitting waiting for Khan’s daughter, the girl’s voice. Rahim says see Ms. Taraneh. “I’m Shiva,” he says. Rahim says that if I did not love you, I would not have stepped forward. I do not care about appearance, style is important to me. You too are agile and agile. The girl says do you want a wrestler? Iraj says he was forced to. The girl says that she always gives her husbands like this. He touches the switch on the truck and tells it to get on, run away or you will have no choice but to survive. At first they do not believe, but the girl says again. The girl says that when Khanfadar is asleep, everyone should sleep. We have been ambushed on the same issue several times, but we can not give up our culture. The girl picks up her veil and says that if you get stuck again, no one can help you. Now Iraj falls in love with the girl and proposes to her. Rahim hits him in the head and puts Iraj in the car. Iraj wants a number but Rahim gives gas and leaves.

Hatem takes sweets and enters somewhere. He is looking for Afshin Khan.

Bitcoin is on the farm. Afshin looks away.

A man enters Basil’s office.

He gets the test result from his ex-husband’s brother from Germany.

In short, he says, his body secretes substances due to large shocks, such as heavy beats or heavy bleeding, a mixture of similar compounds that we use to revitalize critically ill patients.

More experiments are needed. From birth, it has been possible to secrete this substance, and because of this, its internal organs become very resistant and help them to regenerate themselves.

Inside his body is a private mobile hospital and emergency room that always arrives a second later.

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SDThe closest case is to the dream of human immortality.

Hatem went to Afshin. Afshin tells him,

“So you went to my uncle’s company and saw that my photo is there for advertising.” Hatem says yes, do you see how small the world is?

Hatem says your father died as a result of service? Afshin says they died of gout. Hatem says how noisy your cultivation is.

What do you cultivate?

Shin says the nature of oyster mushroom cultivation!

Rahim asks how far we are scientifically from mushroom self-sufficiency? Afshin is a mess.

He asks what do you want from me? Hatem says I’m worried.

Because I am getting older, but I have not yet entered the field of service.

I have been thirsty for service and love since I was a child.

Afshin says that I happened to have a good post for you, but your brother did not give me intelligence.

Rahim says he is wrong. He picks up the creamy bread and says, “Rahim, this is the ruling for me.”

I push it, everything falls out. And the creams come out.

Afshin says he does not want to push him, but it is enough for me to be careful about who he goes with and who he comes with.

Hatem says that there is room for growth in order to reach the top and the house of the nation?

They call Afshin. A man says the locals understand what we are doing.

When they see me, they shake their heads.

They also lost his teeth.

At the same time, the television broadcasts the national anthem and Hatem gets up and whispers the anthem. Afshin and his staff are leaving.

Bita, the girl Rahim loves, is sitting in the car holding a gift.

Afshin rides and says you do not listen to me at all, why did you come here?

I’m looking for Dad’s work.

Which the girl offers as a gift. Afshin does not open.

He asks, “Did you get it for him too?” Bita says that he was in prison and we were talking to Baba.

Afshin says, but more than a friend, Baba has your air.

“Tell me if you don’t love me anymore,” Bita says.

Afshin answers that he wants you more than ever.

Let’s get married tomorrow.

Bita replies that everything was supposed to be for Baba after he came out.

Afshin says that the sale of the gallery and these should be left for after the contract.

Afshin gives a week to hear the news of the marriage. And goes.

A man who is the boss of criminals sits and sees the romantic relationship between two people in a match on Channel 3.

Rahim calls and knocks one after the other.

The man says are you back my son? did you eat dinner?

Rahim says open the door, I’m working for you. We will eat dinner together.

Aren’t you a sleepwalker?

The man says no if I have a wake-up call. I knock on the door, come up.

Did you bring the crocodiles money? یم Rahim says you sent me, do you want money in the heart of hell?

The man says you owe me $ 150,000.

Go and bring me the debt whenever you sort it out. Rahim says I’m leaving, but you should not leave me and my family.

The man tells her Rahim’s home address and asks if you gave my gift to little Kiana or not.

When Rahim leaves, he sends a message to force them to leave.

The guards are shooting and killing as they prepare.

Rahim enters at the same time.

They shoot but to no avail.

He goes to the chief of staff.

He holds two guns and deals with the boss.

His guns do not fire and are locked.

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