Raze Bagha Serial

Comedy series directed by Saeed Aghakhani, which is still popular with TV audiences this year with Noon Kha 8. On April 1, 1401, the first episode of the 17-episode series was aired, and this series has been aired in its entirety until July.

Bahram Afshari (Rahim) along with Nima Shabannejad (Iraj) go through comedy and funny adventures.

Rahim is a man who harms people and no one is safe from him. He steals a shipment containing a smuggled corona vaccine, which causes genetic changes in his body: Rahim does not die!

بیشتر ببینید:

On the other hand, he has a brother named Hatem (played by Hassan Majouni), who is a full-fledged parasite but seeks to get a government job, and in his illusions, he imagines himself to be a prominent diplomat, but he has very shallow newspaper literacy. In the meantime, Rahim’s love adventures happen, and he meets Bita (played by Hadih Bazund).

The series is an entertaining series that introduces you to a dangerous tribe on the one hand, and on the other hand, you will be a guest in the house of an old man who supports the former order. Secret of Survival can bring hours of entertainment to your home if you relax your strictness as a serial viewer.

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