Reza Kianian’s Note on Instagram to Sam Rajabi


In an Instagram post, Reza Kianian supported Parviz Parastui and asked Sam Rajabi.

Hello Mr. Sam Rajabi.

I saw your page. And I read your writings. I want to mention a sentence from you and then continue
“The reason for all this lies and corruption is not democracy and freedom.”

As far as I know. One of the foundations of democracy is “freedom of speech” and “freedom of opinion”. Count how many religions exist in America together! How many types of political and social refugees from all over the world live there? There, when you ask someone a question and the party does not want to answer, you do not have the right to repeat your question. Even the police do not have the right to repeat the question. Until the lawyer comes.

If you believe in democracy. Let everyone have their own opinion. Do not interrogate. And if you have a question from someone and he does not want a party Answer.

Do not insist. Just as easily and just as painfully. Democracy is very hard. It is very difficult to tolerate the opposite. I posted the second video to remind you that sometimes you do not respect the opinions of others. The video of you and Mr. Parastavi is the same. You do not respect their opinions. And you repeat your question many times.

What if a government is based on your ideas? Are you sure everyone is free then? Are you sure everyone can have their own ideas then? Or do you just give free rein to the insiders and get the rest out of the field?

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Of course, you insult and humiliate. What do you do if you come to power? Are you sure you will not imprison your opponents? Because you wrote, you write down and collect the names of your opponents.

For the same day. Mr. Rajabi! Mr. Parviz Parastui has any opinion, you should respect it. And to all those whose names you have written down. Because “you” have claimed to believe in “democracy” and “freedom”.

In my opinion, war only gives birth to war. And to build democracy, we must practice democracy.
Answer if you like. Of course, I will not answer some questions.
Of course, I am proud of your medals.

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