Reza Pahlavi & Yasmine Pahlavi in Israel – Nodbeh wall

Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last Shah of Iran, has created controversy during a trip to Israel.

He went to this country with his wife Yasmin Pahlavi, which has no relation with the government in Iran.

During the past days, this trip has been welcomed by some of his fans and media criticism from press activists inside Iran such as Abdullah Ganji in Hamshahri newspaper.

Nodbeh wall: Reza & Yasmine Pahlavi
Nodbeh wall: Reza & Yasmine Pahlavi

A part of the traditional and old Iranian opposition, like Ali Afshari, is standing in front of him.

Atollah Mohajerani, a former minister in Iran and the author of a book against Salman Rushdie, has taken harsh positions against him. Nima Tutkabani is one of the people who criticized him on BBC Farsi.

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