Reza Shah’s Mother, Noush-Afarin Ayromlou: Biography and Life Story


Noshafarin Irmelo, a Georgian immigrant from the Caucasus, was born in 1239.

They migrated to Iran during the Qajar period and settled in our country.

She married Abbas Ali Dadash Beg and became the mother of Reza Shah Pahlavi.
The boy who founded the Pahlavi dynasty in 1304.

Noshafarin was from the Ayromlu clan of the Caucasus.

They immigrated to Iran as children and live in Tehran.

Noshafarin met Abbas Ali Dadashbeig Savadkoohi while he was in Tehran.

After marriage, he first spends some time with his wife in Drazkola and then lives in Alasht.

His wife had been appointed by the Savadkuh Regiment as head of security or order in the Babylonian district.

Abbas Ali Dadash Beg Savadkuhi Many residents of Savadkuh region were engaged in military service in Savadkuh regiment.

Abbas Ali Khan’s father, brothers and many other relatives were also in the military and served in the same Savadkuh regiment.

Abbas Ali Khan retired as a helper and like many other literate mountaineers and returned to his village in Alasht.

The rank of helper is equivalent to a major in the military hierarchy.

The reason for his return was to farm on the land he had bought.

He became rich through agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry.

He also owned properties in Alasht, Babylon and elsewhere.

Abbas Ali Khan has been married only twice.

The first time with one of his relatives in Savadkuh and the second time with Nooshafarin Ayromloo, Reza Shah’s mother in Tehran.

Abbas Ali Khan’s first three children were all three daughters.

Reza Shah’s half-sisters were Khorshid Khanum, Dodor Khanum and Nabat Khanum known as Hassani Khanum, respectively.

Abbas Ali Khan’s acquaintance with the nobleman Ayromloo dates back to a time when he became ill in the last years of his life.

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He came to Tehran for treatment with Ali Khan Hakimbashi and the physician of Kamran Mirza Nayeb al-Saltanah.

Ali Khan was a Georgian immigrant who later entered Kazakhstan and became known as Dr. Ali Khan.

Abbas Ali Khan was hospitalized in Ali Khan’s house.

Nooshafarin Ayromloo, who was Ali Khan Khan’s sister, was a nurse who cared for Abbas Ali Khan during his illness.

Abbas Ali Khan became attached to her and, despite more than 40 years of age difference, married 16-year-old Nooshafarin.

Abbas Ali Khan when he was the assistant of Savadkuh Regiment (equivalent to Major)

He was forced to leave the army due to an incurable disease and went to Alasht with his new wife.

In Alasht, it was not very enjoyable.

He did not know the language of Mazandaran and the family of Abbas Ali Khan and the people of Savadkuh were Mazandaran.

The bride could not speak to her husband’s family.

Abbas Ali Khan’s family and relatives abused him because he was a Georgian.

Abbas Ali Khan, realizing his family’s enmity with Nooshafarin, brought Ali Khan, Nooshafarin’s 19-year-old brother, to Savadkuh from Tehran to take care of his wife.

In ancient times, Mazandaranis considered marriage with a non-Mazandarani to be against the tradition and condemned, and they did not like a boy or a girl who married a non-Mazandarani.

According to local traditions, men were expected to marry only local women and girls.

Abbas Ali Khan’s illness worsened and he had to hand over Noshafarin, who was pregnant, to his third daughter, Nabat Khanum, who had a better relationship with Noshafarin.

He went to Tehran and died in 1256 in Tehran.

Nooshafarin did not consider it advisable to stay in Savadkuh after Abbas Ali’s death.

After the birth of Reza Shah on March 15, 1256, he left Savadkuh for Tehran.

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Reza Shah’s half-sisters visited him and Noush Afarin from time to time in Tehran.

They brought him food and financial aid from Savadkuh.

But apart from that, Reza and his mother were deprived of Abbas Ali Khan’s assets.

Reza Shah went to Savadkuh after forty years when he became the commander of Sepah and took back his inheritance.

As it has been said, Noshafarin will give birth to a son on March 15, 1956, whose name is Reza.

This child becomes one of the influential people in the history of Iran when he reaches a young age.

When 48 years had passed, under the name of Reza Shah, he overthrew the Qajar dynasty and founded the Pahlavi dynasty.

Abbas Ali Dadashbig went to Tehran to be treated for his illness when he was just a baby and died there due to illness.

After his death, two sisters named Nonosh and Kokab, who were Abbas Ali’s nephews, took care of the orphaned child and took care of their uncle’s widow.

But Noshafarin asks her husband’s family to send him to her relatives in Tehran.

Abbas Ali’s family also agreed to his request after some time.

Necessary preparations are made for his trip to Tehran, and finally, due to the difficulty of the road and the long distance, the two sisters decide to ask Haj Emamgholi, who was their uncle, to send Noush Afarin and his baby to Tehran.

Imam Qoli also commissioned a person named Mashhadi Hossein Ardashiri to do this, and finally Noshafarin and his companions moved from Savadkuh to Tehran in the second half of 1257.

But on the way in Gaduk area, due to snow and cold and the intensity of frost, the pulse of the drinking child stops moving and the mother and companions think that he has died from the cold.

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The baby’s lifeless body is left in the Gaduk caravanserai for burial the next day, but they were not far enough away for the baby to die again.

Finally, he is taken to Tehran with the mother, who regretfully returned to the caravanserai to take her child’s lifeless body.

After arriving in Tehran, Noshafarin and his son live in the house of Haj Ismail Khan Sardar located in Sangalaj neighborhood.

He lived in poverty.

Later, his brother Colonel Abolghasem Iromlou, who was a tailor in Kazakhstan, took care of the living expenses of him and his child for 7 years.

Noshafarin marries a man named Jafar Atabay after Reza grows up.

Jafar Atabay had a son named Hadikjan from his ex-wife.

Later, after his half-brother came to power by his order, he changed his first name to Hadi.

He was named Hadi Atabai in 1308 as an army doctor and was appointed as the head of the pharmaceutical department of the New Iranian Army.

He was considered one of the prominent and high-ranking soldiers of the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Then he married the companion of the Sultan Pahlavi, the eldest daughter of Reza Shah (the great grandson of Noush Afarin).

Historical sources and books do not mention the exact date of the death of Noshafarin Ayromloo.

But according to Reza Khan’s birth certificate issued at the age of 42, we understand that he died in the same neighborhood of Sangalaj in Tehran.

Evo died at the age of 55 before his son could reach high military ranks.

It is also narrated that Nooshafarin died around 1263 and at the age of 7, Reza Shah.

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