Sadakatsiz Episode 3 – (Bi Sedaghat)- English Subtitles


Mert, who is drunk on Vulcan’s birthday, plans to start a speech and tell everyone about Vulcan. Vulcan tries to stop Mert and is eventually forced to beat him to silence him. Asieh takes Vulkan into the car and takes care of him. Then he greedily removes Vulcan’s ring under the pretext of swelling his hand. Vulcan asks Asia what they were talking about with Ms. Gonul.

Asiya deliberately says that they were talking about this. Vulcan asks in surprise, “Who else is there?” “Don’t you know that? His daughter,” says Asia. But he pretends not to know Drin at all. Asieh excuses her headache and returns home. He angrily throws Vulcan’s clothes into the suitcase and puts them in the hall.

At the birthday party, Drin goes to a corner and Vulcan goes to him and kisses Drin. A secret person is filming them. Drin argues with him about Vulcan and Asia’s close and romantic relationship. Then he says that he has run out of patience and only gives Vulcan time until tomorrow to tell everything to Asia and separate from him. Then he goes greedily.

Vulcan returns to the crowd. Sarab informs Vulcan that the Russians must work hard on the weekend to get the project. Ali, who had previously promised to go to the football camp from Vulcan, was upset to hear this and asked Gulen to take him home. When Golin takes Ali home, he notices that Asia is bored. Asia brings an introduction to Gulin, who is aware of Vulcan’s betrayal and complains to Gulen that he too had hidden everything. Gulen sadly says that he is not to blame and that Vulcan had promised to leave soon. Asia says she will kick Vulcan out of the house tonight.

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At night, when Vulcan goes home, he is very drunk. Asia inevitably takes him to the room to sleep. Then he thinks of Ali and, out of a desire to go to camp, decides not to say anything to Vulcan for now.

The next day, Vulkan and Ali prepare to go to camp. Because of Ali, Vulkan does not go to work and asks Sarab to hold a meeting with a video call.

At the hospital, a doctor named Altan, an old alcoholic, sits in the boardroom and Asieh tells him that he will be fired due to numerous complaints from patients about alcohol consumption. Altan gets angry and leaves with the threat of Asia.

Drin goes to the hospital for an examination. He goes to Asia’s room and complains of nausea and digestive problems. Asya greedily asks questions about her sex and says that she is in a relationship with a married man who is about to divorce because he does not love his wife and lives with her by force. Asia gets nervous when she hears this. She asks for urine from this sample and with her urine she takes a pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant. She is very shocked and nervous and informs her that she is pregnant. He then sends the drain to Golin for examination.

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