Sadakatsiz Episode 4 – (Bi Sedaghat)- English Subtitles


Asia takes a pregnancy test with a urine sample and finds out she is pregnant. Asia is shocked and cries, but controls herself and informs her that she is pregnant. Darin is also shocked and goes to the gynecologist’s room, which is the sea.

Shortly afterwards, the sea goes to Asia. He tells Asia that he intends to curettage and does not want Vulcan to understand anything. Asia tells the sea that she must tell Vulcan. He is the exact opposite and says that if Vulcan understands the story of the child, he will not let her have an abortion and their relationship will not end. Asia does not care and repeats her words.

Vulkan and Ali are in the school team camp. Mert calls Vulcan and apologizes to Vulcan for his behavior on his birthday. He then asks about the status of the company. Vulcan says that because they do not have time to make changes to the project, they are likely to lose the investor and are on the verge of bankruptcy. He tells Mert not to say anything to Asia.

Bahar, who wants to have children, has found herself at home and is waiting for Mert to come to her bedroom. When Mert comes home, he does not care about spring and decides to go out for dinner. Spring is very upset.

Vulcan sends a message to Drin and asks him to wait for now. He becomes happy and hopeful.

Asia goes to the restaurant where Neil works. Neil is not in the restaurant and Asia takes his home address from his colleague. When Asia arrives at Nile’s house, Nile’s boyfriend is in front of her and is beating Nile. Asia quickly enters and intervenes. He threatens Neil’s boyfriend and says that he will file a case against him for his addiction and violence and will expel him from his job. Neil’s boyfriend gets nervous. Asia takes Nile with her and takes care of her wounds.

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At Drin’s father’s house, Gonul asks Drin about her boyfriend. Drin denies having a boyfriend and says about the hand photo he posted on Instagram that it was just a simple friendship.

The next day, Vulkan and Ali return from the camp. After breakfast, Asia asks Vulcan intimately about having a relationship with another person and asks him to tell the truth. Vulcan is shocked and denies such a thing. Asia says that if Vulcan tells the truth, she will forgive him and continue living for Ali. Vulcan still denies it. Asia says nothing more. She tells the sea, “Tell Vulcan that she is pregnant.” “Call him now.”

Darin calls Vulcan. Vulcan, who cannot answer at home, rejects the call. Drin gets angry with Vulcan. Darya calls Vulcan and informs him that she is pregnant. Shocked, Vulcan hurries to the single house where he works. It does not open the door at first. Then he opens the door and fights with Vulkan, crying. She says there is nothing left between them and aborts the baby. Vulcan opposes and tries to calm down. “Do you want to live with me or not?” Vulcan hugs him and says, “I can not live without you.”

Asia goes to the hospital. Spring comes to her and asks her why she told Vulcan about her pregnancy. Asia says that she wants to know which side Vulkan chooses and if she is going to choose the right and the child, she has no place in her and Ali’s life.

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