Sakhte Iran 16


sanaz fotouhi:
Serial made in Iran, part 1
Massoud eats with the other three people in a messy kitchen and discusses the mule deer that will come in a few days and buy the plates. The red siren sounds and everyone runs away, but they do not care and suddenly the kitchen explodes.
Maryam, Massoud’s sister, tells Setareh that after Massoud’s death, first her father and then her mother died of grief, and Nader destroyed their lives. Maryam asks the star what is she looking for? The star says he wants the name of Nader’s mistress, because my uncle, who is depressed, has been in love with Nader’s mistress in the past, and the doctor has suggested that he return to his past memories to recover. Maryam says she does not know anything, a few days after Massoud was hospitalized after the explosion, she said something about Nader, but did not know the name of her mistress. The star asks how to replace the plates? And he answers if he knew he did not work ten hours a day and those tablets were nothing but misery for them.
Everyone at Nozar’s house eats dinner, and Siavash says he will help them if they find information on rare connections. Hashem says that the key to this case is opened by Hassan Takhribachi, but Nozar should contact him, and Nozar says that he handed over materials to Morteza and will not call. Everyone insists on Nozar and he calls, but Hassan says it is not just a phone call. He sends the address so that Gholam and Morteza can go. Gholam says it is a trap, his hand is in a bowl with Peyman, Nozar says Hashem and I are going, we will control the situation and inform you. But after seeing the address, he regrets it and says not to confuse him.
Gholam is in the bathroom, and Gholam Hassan picks up his phone and Nozar says behind the line, Hassan is very manly and will follow their work.
Morteza asks Siavash if the tablets are worth 5 billion, Siavash says more. Nozar sends the location to the slave.
Everyone is sitting in the cafe, where the news of the arrest of the person who gave the suitcases to Gholam and Morteza is reported in the newspaper. Morteza begins to praise Nozar for not marrying him. Hassan names the slave three times and mocks him. They get in the car and Mahsa chases them.
In Hashem’s car, he says that now that Peyman has been arrested, they can breathe easy, and Morteza asks for the next plan, Gholam says that Siavash searches the Internet, and Siavash says that no information is available about them. Morteza says that if we find them, what should we say about asking the name of Nader’s mistress? Gholam recounts the star and Hashem gets nervous not to play in the name of an artist and he touches everyone, no, he does not hear and Nozar starts saying the names of the girls that Hashem liked, but they did not accept.
Hashem and Nozar get off and Gholam, Morteza and Siavash go to see Abi, he is Abi Packer, as if he has heard a negative answer from his favorite girl. Gholam says that everyone has gone better than him and they start destroying his favorite girl. Then they ask the news, Abi says that Mohammad Sarshar is dead and there is no trace of Qasim Sufi. But Farrokh Aghabala, nicknamed Farrokh Khoros, seems to have a van full of sacrificial roosters. And his hangout is a car number plate. The slave asks which place and Abi says he has a white forehead like a cow, they go to him and say that he sent them with a collar.
While Mahsa chases after them, they find Farrokh. Farrokh says that Nader was in love with Mohammad’s sister, Zumrod, but Mohammad did not allow them to get together because Nader had a wife. Zumrod also loved Nader very much. There is no more news about Muhammad’s death.
Mahsa calls Sotoudeh, Sotoudeh sitting by the pool and eating, says she is burning calories, Mahsa says she is looking for three empty heads, but she has ideas and needs to rest, she asks Sotoudeh to replace Kambiz for a while. .
The star is sitting in the yard, when the slave and the others arrive, the star asks what has been said to Hashem that he is angry with him? The slave says he forgets. They tell the story to the star and the star says he goes to a nursing home, but they say that a star who has nothing to do with him, suddenly goes to him seems suspicious. They want Morteza to take Nozar to a nursing home for a few days.

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Morteza says, it is not possible because he is very sensitive about this issue, they say it is only a game, Morteza says then send Hashem, who is an actor. They say that Hashem has acted in movies for a total of three minutes in his life and that Nozar is a better option. Then he votes and Morteza himself gives the first vote in favor.
Nozar and Hashem watch the movie The Great Escape when Gholam, Morteza and Siavash enter the room. Hashem describes a movie he has seen thousands of times and Nozar asks if they found a rare mistress? Gholam says yes, but he is in a nursing home. Hashem and Nozar say they are ready to work together to build a tunnel and steal emeralds from a nursing home. Nozar says he is not even willing to cross, Morteza recites a poem for his father and tries to calmly tell him the story, but Nozar gets nervous and slaps him, Siavash says he only has to go for two days to get the emerald statistics, but Nozar Says friendship

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