Sakhte Iran 3 Serial Part 14


Nozar is frying potatoes with paste when the colonel arrives with bread and sings, Nozar asks why he is happy and he says, power is dead.

Nozar says how happy is a dead man? But the colonel says that the power of his emotional relationship with Shokooh informed the Shokooh brothers and cut them off, and then he married her.

Nozar says that now that he is dead, the colonel says that maybe over time.

Gholam and Morteza are having breakfast at the hotel’s self-service and taking the soup with them. Mahsa and Sotoudeh come, Siavash asks Gholam and Morteza to inform him before they leave the dining hall and leaves.

When the hotel worker is cleaning, Siavash enters Mahsa and Sotoudeh’s room and hides in the bathroom. After he leaves, he goes to the safe box, turns on the camera and starts operating it with a laptop. On the other hand, Sotoudeh did not notice his phone and He asks Mahsa to call him, his phone rings in Siavash’s room.

Sotoudeh guesses that he is left in the room and because he is waiting for Kambiz’s call, he follows her. Gholam and Morteza, who are disappearing in olive size, noticed Sotoudeh leaving late, but before he reached the room, they informed Siavash that Siavash was hiding in the bathroom and left the room after Sotoudeh entered.

Gholam talks to Setareh on the phone and Setareh tells him that he should not allow the information in Sotoudeh’s booklet to fall into Siavash’s hands, they should take pictures of the pages of Sotoudeh’s booklet themselves and charge Siavash for it. Gholam says what he should do right now and Setareh says he should not let Siavash find the password.

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Gholam and Morteza go to Siavash, who looks at the camera on the laptop, but he says that no one has gone to the safe box yet.
Sotoudeh asks Mahsa for her nickname card and Mahsa says it is in her notebook. When Sotoudeh opens the closet, Gholam picks up the laptop and keeps Morteza Siavash away. Sotoudeh enters the code and the slave takes a video of it with his phone. Siavash says that they should give him the password, because his relationship with Shirin is related to this issue. Gholam says that like him, they only think about money, go to Sotoudeh’s room for lunch and take pictures of the pages of the booklet.

Nozar calls Morteza and asks him to take a photo of the tattoo on his back to show it to the client as an example, and tells the client that he is a former cinema make-up artist and has made up movie stars like Fardin.

Mahsa is packing her bags and says they came in vain. But Sotoudeh says they had to come to find Shams’ rare information. First they find the name of his mistress and they have to be patient to reach the result.

Mahsa says she has little patience and what her promise is about the partnership of the tablets, and Sotoudeh says her law is that her words are like a bullet-proof document. Mahsa is happy and says she wants seafood, Sotoudeh says she calls to set up a royal table for Mahsa in the hotel room, Mahsa accepts and says that after returning to Tehran, the diet plan is treadmill and celery juice.

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Siavash is informed by phone that Sotoudeh will eat lunch in the room and then empty the room. Morteza says that anesthetics are poured into the food and Gholam says that from now on he is his boss, so they should leave the work to him.

The slave enters the praised room as a waiter, and after serving food on the terrace, he enters the room, takes pictures of the pages of the booklet, and takes one hundred liras from the safe box and leaves the room.

Morteza picks up his belongings and waits for him in the street. He explains that a waiter of his size knocked him unconscious and covered his clothes. Then he tells them to go because Qoli Khan is waiting at the border. Morteza wants to go to Ayla to say goodbye.

Morteza puts Siavash on the terrace and closes the door, Siavash finally opens the door and enters the room. At the same time, his phone rings and he wants the sweet photos, he says that Gholam took the photos and ran away. He wants money. Shirin gets nervous and calls him stupid, saying that information should not be lost. Siavash says he will chase Sotoudeh again, Shirin says now was the time when they could be one step ahead of Sotoudeh and reach the tablets sooner than him. Give, because he has to prove himself to Shirin.

Gholam and Morteza find Ayla and say that they have come to say goodbye because it is an Iranian ideology. Ayla says that she will take them somewhere. Ayla says they should go to Iran faster, if they fall into the hands of the police, he will not be able to do anything and it will be bad for their couple.

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Morteza says it will not be like this, let them make an appointment, he says he will return, Ayla says the next time it will be legal, Morteza says it will be legal but he will wait for it. Ayla asks the reason and Morteza says to find the reason in his heart. Ayla walks them down and shows them the way. Morteza says he sold his father’s house and will buy a house in Istanbul.

It will be night. Gholam and Morteza are in the truck and Gholam talks to Setareh on the phone and says that he wants Siavash’s address so that he can see Shirin and they can get money from him. Morteza says be careful because sweet is dangerous. Gholam says that we should ask our uncle to send someone with him and Morteza says that his father will go with him.

Returning to Tehran, Setareh goes to Shirin and introduces himself as Gholam’s acquaintance. Shirin invites him in and tells him where he got his father’s home address from, and the star says because for a while

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