Sakhte Iran 3 Serial Part 17


Nader and Massoud sit in the car and eat, while Akbar comes with Fariborz and hands over the radio to Massoud.

Massoud turns on the radio and Fariborz shouts that he blows their heads, he talks about the tablets and beats and it turns out that Akbar has told him the story, Nader does not want a partner and Fariborz threatens them that if he does not share, everything To reveal.

They were walking, as if Uncle Nader was working in the royal kitchen and had hidden the box in the kitchen ten years ago so that it would not be for the day, but the revolution broke out and he could not enter the palace anymore.

Which Massoud says can buy five buses with a quarter of what he’s share. Fariborz says the dollar has risen and there is no place to stay, he wants to emigrate, Nader also wants to propose to Emerald.

They arrive, Massoud waits outside, Nader and Fariborz jump off the wall, but Akbar can not jump off the wall, the guard hears a sound and the flashlight is reached.

Akbar finally jumps from the wall, Fariborz and Nader reach the entrance of the kitchen, but the key is not locked, the guard arrives and Akbar beats the guard with a stick from behind. Akbar stands over the guard and Fariborz unlocks it, because the Emerald family is not home for a few days, they cut the box and hide it until the buyer arrives, and due to suspicion Fariborz and Akbar stay together until the sale.

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Going back to the present, the star gives Shirin a photo of the house and he says that if the house is not destroyed, they will check it. Siavash asks how do they know the tablets are there? And Shirin says the buyer told Sotoudeh that they were there the day after the robbery and they could not walk around the street with the tablets. Morteza and Gholam play handball, Siavash searches for Mansour Etezadnia and a doctor is found on his street in Italy.

They go to the office and the caretaker says the office has been closed for years and the doctor has died, but gives his home address. Then they go to the address and see that the house has been turned into a painting gallery and because it is closed, they can not see inside.

Sianki calls Gholam and threatens him, Morteza gives Joe and Gholam says he dares to give a location to get their account, he sends the location and Setareh and Siavash want to be carefree, Gholam and Morteza say they take them and leave on their own.

In Zoli’s car, he says he wants the star and Gholam says that in the case of Miner and Bitcoin settled, Sianki says that there is evidence of their illegal entry into Zoli’s house and workplace and they will be arrested, then a photo of Nozar and Colonel They show them at home, Morteza wants the opportunity to return their money. He gives them ten days to humiliate him and says that otherwise he will first issue a warrant for the arrest of Nozar and then a warrant for their arrest.

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At Setareh’s house, he says that Zoli is not joking, Morteza is crowded when Nozar goes to prison and dies, Atefeh starts crying, Setareh tries to calm him down and blames Gholam and Morteza.

Siavash talks to Shirin, wants to let him go home and will solve the gallery story tomorrow.

The slave slaps him on the back of the shoulder and says that everything they kill is out of his hands.

Morteza thanks God that Zoli did not understand the story of the horses’ anesthesia.

The next day, Morteza, Gholam and Siavash go to the gallery, while Sotoudeh and Mahsa are chasing them, and Sianki is following them and notices the presence of Mahsa and Sotoudeh, so he goes to them and asks why they are chasing the red Simorgh. Sotoudeh also asks him to get in the car.

In Siavash Gallery, he tries to find the cameras and Gholam and Morteza whistle regularly.

Zoli and Sianki are sitting in Sotoudeh’s car, and despite Mahsa’s opposition, the three agree to work in groups and get what they want from Gholam and Morteza.

Shab Siavash finds the information of the building and says that the building belongs to the year 1300 and was last renovated in 1985. It has nested rooms where a visual arts exhibition is held and a ruined, sweet atmosphere says that it should be infiltrated as an employee or artist. And explore it for a long time without attracting attention. Morteza and Gholam describe their art of painting and Siavash says that they are not suitable and he leaves, which Shirin says is the only suitable star for this job.

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The next day, a star named Laden Esteki goes to see Charmchi. They have created a page for Laden Esteki as a painter and filmmaker and designed the infected resume file, so that Siavash enters his system as soon as Charmchi is clicked.

Charmchi asks the name of his favorite filmmaker and he names European filmmakers and says he wants to make a documentary and use him as a narrator because of his special style and it takes three days, Charmchi wants to think, according to Shirin, the star says from galleries He has another suggestion, to arouse his jealousy. Charmchi also says that they can start working from tomorrow.

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